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Finkelstein Farms Egg Nog Packaging

Eggnog is a special kind of beverage that comes around just once a year (and it’s very hard to come by here in SA). For that reason, we had to share this packaging that in its simplicity manages to bring to life the joy of eggnog, the sweetness of its taste and the special time of year it represents.

For more of the designer’s work, check out Marta Sobczak’s site here.

Egg-Nog (2)-1


Epleslang Packaging

Epleslang is a Norwegian apple juice, handpicked from private gardens and locally produced in Oslo. With a big concern for social entrepreneurship, Epleslang employs people with disabilities to help produce their juice and even to package their products. The design, by Dinamo, allows anyone to wrap the bottle with the packaging and affix it with a sticker – very simple and very clever. The inside of this packaging then tells the story of Epleslang and what they stand for.

Great design, with great thinking for a great cause. This gets a 10/10.

To see more of Dinamo’s work, check out their website.


Yanrong – Seafood Tattoo Illustrations

Yanrong is an illustrator and designer who can currently be found in Singapore, but studied in Melbourne. We loved this work she did – taking seafood illustrations and reimagining them almost like traditional Japanese irezumi or tattoos. We can’t wait to see what other amazing images she conjures up!

You can see more of her work here.