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Rodenstock – Print Campaign

What a fun piece of work by Serviceplan Munich! Rodenstock is an optical lens and frame manufacturer in Germany with a great sense of humour. If you’re someone who wears glasses, you know the frustration of having to squint to see something better. It is this observation they used in this campaign with the smart line: See better. Look perfect.

On top of this, the styling art direction and photography are just top notch. Well done all round!


June Canedo – Photography

We love this fashion shoot by June Canedo for Bon Magazine. As an immigrant to the American South, she was tasked by Bon to go back to where she grew up and take photographs of real cowboys (and cowgirls). Based on the truth that not all cowboys were just white men, Canedo cast a number of local Native Americans for her shoot – dressing them up as cowboys and cowgirls for the shoot.

What a refreshing take on a fashion shoot!

See more below.

Anna Beeke – Photography

Anna Beeke is a photographer from America who was born in Washington DC but now works out of Brooklyn, New York. She specialises in documentary and fine arts photography.

In this post, we’re focusing on her work, At Sea, where she spent time photographing the goings on on a cruise ship – the guests, the staff behind the scenes and the feeling of it all. We love the way she captured just what it feels like to be on a cruise – all the good and the bad. We especially love how she capture the GPS coordinates of every photo – giving them a literal sense of space.

To see more of Beeke’s inspiring work, give her site a visit over here.

And if you’re interested in doing a short course in cruise ship photography, don’t forget that we offer one! You can learn more about our cruise ship photography course and when the next course begins here.


Gregory Michenaud – Photography

Gregory Michenaud is a freelance photographer based in Krakow, Poland. Here, we’re sharing some of his work from Yibbum, a project where he spent time with Hasidic Jews in Poland, capturing their daily lives and rituals.

The documentary feel of these images really brings to life a kind of visual anthropology – the viewer really feels that they gain access to a culture perhaps they could never have seen before. It’s so compelling!

To see more of Michenaud’s work, do visit his website here.

Marta Serrano – Photography

Marta Serrano is a photographer based in Amsterdam who specialises in fairly specific subject matter – boys and men and their rich inner lives. With her work taking her all over the world; Cuba, Africa, India, Europe and Brazil, she is quickly building a global oeuvre.

We really appreciate the way she plays with light and exposure, creating images that have a second meaning, beyond their subject matter – hinting at these inner lives experienced by the subjects of her photographs.

You can see more of Serrano’s work on her website here.

Maggie Shannon – Photography

Maggie Shannon is a photographer based in New York and Martha’s Vineyard who has been featured in a number of high profile publications including The New York Times, Wired and The New Yorker, amongst many others. Here, she turns her lens toward what in some ways we might consider a ‘banal’ subject – a local swimming club for kids, but the very act of capturing these everyday moments and the struggles of these kids to compete, imbues her subjects with so much more meaning.

What a great set of images!

You can see more of Shannon’s work on her website here.

Amy Lombard – Photography

Amy Lombard is a documentary photographer who currently lives and works in New York. We love all of her work, but today we decided to share something we are sure will have some of you laughing and perhaps others of you closing your browser window. That’s right – Amy Lombard has taken some amazing photos of nail art. Specifically, toenail art. If you aren’t a ‘foot person’ we do apologise, but these are such fun photographs!

To see more of Lombard’s awesome photography (we promise she photographs more than just feet!) please give her site a visit here.