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Franck Bohbot – Photography

Franck Bohbot is an LA based photographer with a particular appreciation for light. We’re sharing a selection of images here today from his series called LA Confidential, which focuses on neon signage in and around Los Angeles.

The mood, the colour and the light in all of these images is just spot on.

You can visit Bohbot’s Behance page here.

And you can visit his website here.

Øystein Sture Aspelund – Photography

Øystein Aspelund is a photographer based in Trondheim, Norway. We love the way he adds narrative and story into his images, creating strange landscapes and a really moody feel.

We’re sharing some images from his series called Aftermath, which we love.

You can see more of his work on his Behance page here.

Or you can visit his website here.

Jan Erik Waider – Photographer

Jan Erik Waider is a German photographer who specialises in both commercial and landscape photography. Today we’re sharing some of his work from a series called: Look into the past – Iceland, which charts a visit to an incredible abandoned home in the middle of nowhere.

The moodiness and texture captured in these images is just beautiful.

To see more of Waider’s work, you can visit his website here.

Or you can follow him on Behance here.

Mark Mahaney – Photography

Mark Mahaney is an American photographer who works both in editorial and commercial photography. Today, we’re sharing his work Polar Night, which focuses on the northernmost town in Alaska, 320 miles above the Arctic circle. Specifically, his images focus on the 65 days in winter when there is no sun at all, showing us what it’s like to live in such an inhospitable environment.

What an incredible window into a world most of us could never dream of. We love this work!

Aleia Murawksi and Samuel Copeland – Photography

We never knew we needed photographs of snails in our lives, until we see this work by Aleia Murawski and Samuel Copeland. It casts snails in the most ridiculous scenes, somehow bringing some much needed cuteness to our little garden friends.

We absolutely love this!

You can visit their website here and instagram here.

Joshua J Sneade – Photography

Bristol-based Joshua J Sneade is a young photographer we are very keen to follow! We’re sharing work here from his series Nomads, which documents the lives of nomadic peoples living in Morocco. These images are at once portraiture, but also documentary – a window into a world that most of us would never get to see.

You can see more of his work on website here.

Second Year Student Sandra Nagel featured on Bubblegum Club

Sandra Nagel, who is currently in second year at the Academy majoring in photography, has been featured on the Bubblegum Club website. This in-depth chat looks at her work and inspirations as well as her plans for the future.

We’ve included just one picture here so you have to visit the site to see more – because believe us… you want to see more!

You can read Sandra’s piece on Bubblegum Club here.

And you can follow her on Instagram here.