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Canon – First Hugs

It’s interesting to think that we’ve been sharing advertising and communications campaigns about Covid-19 (we’re sharing another later this week), when the next part to communicate about will be the easing of lockdowns across the globe.

This work by Happiness Belgium for Canon documents the first hugs people were able to have after lockdown measures were eased in the country. And we have to admit – we love it! This is such a great way to show the power of photography for a brand like Canon, while capturing a really important cultural moment.

Let’s see how other brands deal with lockdown easing – it’s going to be fascinating!

Daniel Bergeron and Jeff Whitlock – Photography and Retouching

This series of images, photographed by Daniel Bergeron and retouched by Jeff Whitlock shows some beautiful portraits of famous musicians. We love the way they have captured the essence of these people we feel we know so well, but in fact we don’t know at all. Whether it’s Flea, Nick Cave, Common, Pharrell or Henry Rollins – there’s someone here for everyone!

You can see more of Bergeron’s photography on his site here.

And you can see more of Whitlock’s retouching here.

Honda Africa Twin – Art Direction

This is such a fun campaign by DDP Paris for Honda’s Africa Twin motorbike. The Africa Twin is known as an overland bike that can go pretty much anywhere and deal with anything you can throw at it. That’s what makes this campaign so much fun, they turned that idea on its head. Rather than showing it in places you’d expect it, they showed the bike in places where it’s probably never been seen before instead.

Add in some gorgeous photography and you’ve got a great campaign on your hands!

Albert Dros – Photography

Albert Dros is a Dutch photographer who has spent a long time photographing some of the Netherlands’ most famous citizens: Its flowers. Each year, around this time, the Keukenhof gardens open to the public, where people can go and visit their exquisitely laid out gardens and grounds. However, for this first time in the history of Keukenhof, no one has been allowed to visit due to the corona virus crisis.

Thankfully (for us), Dros asked very kindly if he could photograph the gardens as they are now – the chance of being able to shoot them with no visitors at all will probably never happen again. And these are the beautiful results of his request!

Keukenhof is billed as ‘the most beautiful spring garden in the world’ and after seeing these pictures we can see why.

You can see more Dros’s on his Behance profile here.

And on his website here.

Takeru Toyokura – Posters

Takeru Toyokura is an Osaka based illustrator, designer and artist. Today we’re sharing his work for the Rosavia shopping mall. To tell people about their seasonal sales and promotions, he used his signature style to create really beautiful pieces. He works mostly in felt and paper, which he used to make these posters, then shoots scenes to turn into the final artwork.

What an incredibly painstaking process, but the proof is in the work. It’s so unique and fun you can see that all the hard work is worth it!

You can see more of his work on his Behance profile here.

Or you can visit his website here.

Nicolas Rivals – Photography

Nicolas Rivals is a French fine art photographer with a real appreciation for light and how it can make a photograph.

We’re sharing images from his series Lesteven // Stigmate, which imagines a utopian future world where all of humanity is gone and all that is left is light. A beautiful concept that has created some absolutely beautiful images.

You can see more of Rivals’ work on his Behance page here.

And you can visit his website here.

Every Waking Hour – Photography

Edi Inderbitzin undertook this amazing project to raise awareness about the high rates of depression brought on by social media. To show that there was beauty in every moment, rather than just those ones we curate and style for social media, he decided to take a photograph every hour he was awake for an entire year!

What follows is this incredible website and project, which encompasses over 5000 images taken over the course of a year. What a powerful use of photography!

You can visit the site here.

Franck Bohbot – Photography

Franck Bohbot is an LA based photographer with a particular appreciation for light. We’re sharing a selection of images here today from his series called LA Confidential, which focuses on neon signage in and around Los Angeles.

The mood, the colour and the light in all of these images is just spot on.

You can visit Bohbot’s Behance page here.

And you can visit his website here.

Øystein Sture Aspelund – Photography

Øystein Aspelund is a photographer based in Trondheim, Norway. We love the way he adds narrative and story into his images, creating strange landscapes and a really moody feel.

We’re sharing some images from his series called Aftermath, which we love.

You can see more of his work on his Behance page here.

Or you can visit his website here.

Jan Erik Waider – Photographer

Jan Erik Waider is a German photographer who specialises in both commercial and landscape photography. Today we’re sharing some of his work from a series called: Look into the past – Iceland, which charts a visit to an incredible abandoned home in the middle of nowhere.

The moodiness and texture captured in these images is just beautiful.

To see more of Waider’s work, you can visit his website here.

Or you can follow him on Behance here.