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SHSadler – Photography

Wow! What a novel take on portraiture. This work by SHSadler for Schön! magazine takes the idea of beauty and repackages in an incredibly interesting and challenging way. SHSadler is a photography duo in LA who primarily work together on what they call, ‘the sculptural form of the nude’, a simple statement, yet one that results in a number of potential artistic directions.

It may not have been easy to shoot, but it really makes such a bold statement. You can see more of SHSadler’s incredible work on their website here. Be aware – because they work on nudes this site would be considered NSFW!


Posternaks – Photography

Zhenya and Tanya Posternaks are twin sisters and photographers. They were born in Kiev, Ukraine but now live and work in New York city.

We love not only their work, but their website too – do take a visit over here.

Maximilian Virgili – Photography

Maximilan Virgili, a German photographer, likes to travel. And when he travels, he takes photographs – documenting the entirety of his trip. Whether this is interiors, portraits or landscapes – the work adds up to embody his experience in that space.

This set of images encompasses his latest trip to Mexico, where we see locals at rest, animals and landscapes all rolled into one coherent whole.

You can see more of Virgili’s amazing work on his website here.

Best of 2018

For Gradex ’18 we created this Best of 2018 video, highlighting all of our achievements for the past year. What a year of highlights! With some incredible work being done by our students and some really great award wins and accolades, it was one of our best ever.

Onwards to 2019 being even better!

Aron Klein – Kukeri Project

Aron Klein is a London-based photographer. Today, we’re sharing his work from the Kukeri Project, where he photographed the Kukeri ritual of the Balkans; an annual tradition where men dress up in fantastic garments and dance the evil spirits away; ensuring a good new year to come.

What an incredible opportunity to capture culture like this! Check out more of the images below.

Pieter Henket – Congo Tales

Pieter Henket is a New York based photographer who has photographed some of the world’s top stars. In this project, Congo Tales, he turns his eye toward ecological efforts – photographing the people, culture and ecology of the Congo Basin; one of the world’s largest rainforests. Rather than go for shocking, sad or ‘expected’ photography to highlight an area like this, he has used his fine-art / portrait style to create images that serve not only as warnings to us about the importance of looking after our planet but also as beautiful pieces on their own.

You can visit Henket’s site here.