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Bharat Sikka – Photography

Bharat Sikka is an Indian photographer who has turned his lens to the contested area of Kashmir. This series, entitled: Where The Flowers Still Grow brings to life what life is like in Kashmir. Kashmir sits on the border between India, Pakistan and China and has seen a number of armed conflicts over the years. This unease and pain that has been felt by the people is further brought to life in the eyes of Sikka’s subjects – they don’t smile or pose, they stare directly into the camera. The landscape behind them is barren and harsh, but at the same time quite beautiful.

When it comes to capturing a place, a feeling and a people – you are not going to find much photography better than this. This is truly top notch!

See more of Sikka’s work here.

Massimo Vitali – Photography

Italian photographer Massimo Vitali has a thing for beaches. He began his career as a photojournalist and since then has branched out into more of his own personal work. In this series, he photographed a number of Italian beaches and all the people there in wide tableaus that capture the essence of the places so well.

You can see more of Vitali’s work at his website here.

Elsa Bleda – Photography

Elsa Bleda was originally born in France but now makes Jo’burg her home. After a childhood of moving from country to country with her parents, a chance trip to South Africa when she was 18 somehow made her want to put down roots.

Inspired by Jo’burg and the emptiness of it at night, the juxtaposition between the harsh, bustling daytimes and the quiet, eerie nighttimes; Bleda’s work is at once architectural and stark but also quite touching and meaningful. The sprays of colour across these forlorn cityscapes offer a softness and warmth to these buildings that you may not notice in the day time.

What a great new way to look at one of our cities too. It really makes you reassess the way you think about a place, when you see it in such a different light (literally in this case!).

Please do follow Bleda here for more examples of her inspiring work!


Max Siedentopf – Photography

Max Siedentopf is a photographer we feel a bit of kinship with – he was born in Windhoek, Namibia; even though he can currently be found working in Amsterdam after stints in LA and Berlin. We love his flair for the dramatic and sense of humour. Here, we’ve shared a project of his called¬†Fifteen Fantastic Fountains, which he created in order to bring the wonder of fountains (which are usually enormous and expensive) to every day objects. Here teacups, pickle jars and yes, even urinals can be turned into fountains.

Check out Max’s website here for more of his awesome work.

Yota Yoshida – Photography

Yota Yoshida is a Japanese photographer who captures those small, private, human moments that mean so much. The kind of feelings and images that you could never pose models for. With a specific focus on public spaces and the way people use them and find personal moments within them, Yoshida’s work means so much in a country like Japan, where people can live so close to each other. In a city like Tokyo, those private moments become so much more important and poignant.

Check out more of his amazing work below!

Roberta Sant’anna – Parque Aquatico

Roberta Sant’anna is a Brazilian photographer who currently resides in Berlin. Here we’re sharing her work, ‘Parque Aquatico’ where she spent time at a quaint old water park in Brazil, photographing the visitors. It’s such a beautiful look into the seeming banality of a water park and yet at the same time, Sant’anna’s eye imbues her subjects with such heart and feeling.