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Stellenbosch Graduate Kyle Weeks featured in Creative Review’s Photography Annual

Kyle Weeks, one of our very many talented graduates from the Academy has been recognised in Creative Review’s Photography Annual! He is one of five emerging photographers who were named in the ‘Zeitgeist’ section of the annual.

To see more of Kyle’s amazing work, check out his website here.


Kalin Haydon – Photography

Kalin Haydon is an American photographer from Illinois who turns her lens toward bingo halls and bowling alleys, capturing the culture of her grandparents, who came of age in the post-war era. This project is called American Nest, and it looks at the entire culture of bowling and bingo – the people, the places and the quiet little moments in-between the action. This creates an honest, nostalgic aesthetic that we just love.

Do have a look at more of Haydon’s work on her website over here.

Daniel Everett – Photography

Utah-based Daniel Everett’s photography is something to behold. While architectural, he’s captured the light in such a way as to make all of these disparate places and buildings feel almost as if he was able to shoot them in a studio.

They’re flat, sterile and maybe even make the viewer feel a little uneasy – but they’re absolutely compelling.

Check out more of Everett’s work on his website here.

Colin Pantall – All Quiet on the Home Front

Colin Pantall is a British photographer, curator and lecturer who lives and works in Bath, England. Today, we’re sharing some images from his work All Quiet on the Home Front, which chronicles the life of his daughter from 2005-2017. We know that you could never capture a life or a relationship using just images, but what Pantall has done here is show such meaningful snapshots of his daughter growing up and his relationship to her. It’s interesting how photography is so often about time, the split seconds that make up the ‘perfect’ shot, and yet here time is expanded, spanning 12 years; an entire life to date!

Such meaningful, beautiful images – we can’t get enough!

You can visit Pantall’s website here.

Karen Asher – Photography

Karen Asher is a Canadian photographer from Winnipeg, with an eye for interesting, evocative portraits. This series, called No Cause For Concern, chronicles the people of Winnipeg that she interacted with (both friends and strangers) between 2008 and 2010. We love how meaningful, strange and ultimately human these portraits are.

You can visit Asher’s site and see more of her amazing photography here.

EIDOS website

EIDOS is a multimedia project by Berlin-based photographer Tobias Faisst in collaboration with Transform, which aims to relook at how photography is represented in the modern era and the interactions between photography and computer-generated imagery.

It’s so refreshing to spend some time looking at a site like this, which deliberately aims to push the boundaries of web design into a new space. Whether you ‘like’ it or not is irrelevant, this is really about pushing the entire medium forward and seeing what can be done.

Have a look at the site and see what you think!

You can visit EIDOS here.