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Max Miechowski – Photography

Max Miechowski is a young photographer from Lincoln in the UK, who now lives in London, plying his trade and taking some beautiful portraits.

We love these perfectly considered portraits of real people, capturing their personalities with just one image. And let’s not forget the incredible use of light in these images. We can’t wait to see what Miechowski will get up to next!

Check out more of his work below.


Alessandro Merlo – Photography

Alessandro Merlo is an Italian photographer living and working in London. We love his style, which brings together ‘queer’ identities, fashion photography and portraiture in a very unique way.

You can check out more of his work on his site over here.

Elena Heatherwick – Photography

Elena Heatherwick is a British photographer who works out of London. Today, we’re sharing her work where she photographs and documents midwives in Liberia – capturing the hope, excitement, happiness and stress of their jobs.

As a window into a world, you’ll be hard pressed to find a selection of photographs that do a better job of putting you entirely into something you might never have seen.

Yishu Wang – Photography

Yishu Wang is a Chinese photojournalist who has travelled across China for the last 15 years, collecting images that attest to the true nature of China. At times weird, unsettling or downright Orwellian, these images are nothing if not entirely honest. And while they may leave you scratching your head, they definitely make you think twice about how you might understand China as a country.

You can visit Yishu’s site here.

Fatemeh Behboudi – Photography

Fatemeh Behboudi is a documentary photographer in Iran who is aiming to capture the culture and feel of a country where the discipline of documentary photography itself is still quite new.

This series of images is from her ongoing project, Mourning for Hussain, where she documents how Shiite muslims across Iran celebrate Ashoura. Ashoura is a celebration of the life and martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of the prophet Muhammad. As a window into a world we might never see otherwise, you can’t get anything much more interesting or thought provoking than this.

You can visit her site here to see more of her incredible work.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition – Print Campaign

This campaign by VML Mexico is so good! To tell people about Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s new product: Hill’s Science Diet Active Longevity they came up with this incredibly clever idea.

In each of these executions we see something that dogs love to do – chew on things, but spread over a really long time period as someone has grown up and evolved over time. This perfectly illustrates how the product can help dogs live longer and keep on being their naughty selves for as long as possible!

Maison Riviera – Website

What a beautiful way to bring dairy and yoghurt products to life online! This site for Maison Riviera is a beautifully art-directed, cleverly designed example of how designing for web can start to feel more tactile. Such great work from Montreal-based interactive agency Deux Huit Huit.

With loads of smart scrolling effects and beautiful photography, this website is a shining example of how you can bring FMCG products to life in a rich, exciting way for consumers. We love it!

Do visit the site here.