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Alena Gelen wins Adobe Design Achievement Award

As you may be aware, one of our students, Alena Gelen, was named as a winner in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2018. In this video, she was interviewed live on YouTube about herself and her achievements – no pressure!

To learn more about her achievement, please click here.


Maisie Marshall – Photography

Maisie Marshall is a British photographer who has found the most incredible community to capture with her lens: British cowboys. Believe it or not, in Devon, a rural part of England, there is a community of people who hold rodeos and live the cowboy lifestyle. These thoughtful images capture people doing what they love best – such a perfect use of photography to capture what it means to be human.

You can visit her site here.


Thurstan Redding – Photography

Thurstan Redding is a young fashion photographer who shot these beautiful portraits for French Magazine, M Le Magazine du MondeRather than focus on young models, as he usually does, here he turns his camera to an old age home called Castle Village in Berkhamstead, England.

Rather than a sad, bleak outlook on old age his images here capture the joy and good times that can be had when one is getting on in years. What this work does too is show how important a sense of community can be in old age, rather than the isolation many older people end up living in.

We can only hope that when we reach this age we’ll be having this much fun!

Soft Criminal

Soft Criminal is a collaborative project between South African photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman, London-based (but born in Sierra Leone) stylist Ibrahim Kamara and designer Gareth Wrighton. Using a punk sensibility and a little bit of tongue-in-cheek humour it melds the worlds of fashion, photography and design into incredibly arresting images we can’t get enough of.

The work is currently on show at Red Hook Labs in Brooklyn, New York.

Car Shoot with our Students

Recently, Sarel van Staden and Maryna Cotton, professional photographers based in Pretoria, visited the academy to show our students how they shoot cars. Their car photography workshop was attended by our students in the Higher Certificate in Commercial Photography as well as the photographer students from the BA programme. What is so incredible about Sarel and Maryna is not just their love for the craft and creative process of photography but also their unique FDL lighting technique, which elevates automotive photography into fine art.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Donford BMW in Stellenbosch for the use of their gorgeous car for the day.

And to learn more about Sarel and Maryna, please do visit their website here.

Richard Kovacs – Photography

Richard Kovacs is an Hungarian photographer based in London, and a recent graduate of the London College of Fashion. We’re sharing images from his series, I Will See You In My Dreams, which captures the fashion scene in Lagos. Inspired by their unique sense of style, Kovacs has developed his own – shooting mostly at night with gels and coloured lighting to create something dreamlike, tactile and grainy. We love it!

Check out more of Kovacs’s work on his site here.