Monthly Archives: January 2019

Renault – Print Campaign

Publicis Bogota produced this ad campaign to celebrate 120 years of Renault – and what a fun piece of work it is!

With illustrated examples of classic Renault cars from the past and their modern counterparts, this campaign’s style is undeniable. We love the kind of ‘old school rally’ illustration style used by the art director.

Have a look at the campaign below!

Microsoft – By The Numbers

This website by Microsoft Story Lab takes a bunch of really interesting facts and numbers about Microsoft and turns them into an interactive, interesting digital infographic.

This is the perfect example of how creativity can take something ostensibly ‘boring’ and turn it into an appealing, interesting and interactive experience.

Do visit the website here.

Best of 2018

For Gradex ’18 we created this Best of 2018 video, highlighting all of our achievements for the past year. What a year of highlights! With some incredible work being done by our students and some really great award wins and accolades, it was one of our best ever.

Onwards to 2019 being even better!

Uncanny Valley Studio – Website

This website is for Uncanny Valley Studio; a Paris-based studio that makes digital installations, visuals and connected experiences. We especially love the crazy tube-like effect they used on the work, it is just so unique and out there! It feels so unlike almost any other website you’ve used before.

We do suggest you check it out. You can visit the site here.

Thorpe Park – Print Ads

To let the public know about the new The Walking Dead themed ride at Thorpe Park, an amusement park in the UK, TBWA Manchester created these print executions. With a smart use of Negan’s bat (if you’ve watched the series… then you know) and a really fun zombie joke, we’ve got to say – these are just so right!

Check them out below!

Millennium Chocolate – Packaging

What a great project from Belarus! This package design was done by Fabula Branding and we must say – what an incredible job. We know what these type of chocolate boxes tend to look like and while they may be comforting or nostalgic, they’re not really at the cutting edge of appealing design. However, this work really takes the assorted chocolate box to the next level.

We could do with some work like this in South Africa please!

Adidas – Yung Website

They say that eventually everything old is new again. And this ‘blast from the past’ from Adidas, proves just that. To celebrate their new Yung range of shoes, which draw very strongly from the 90s aesthetic, they launched a website to match. If you weren’t on the internet in the 90s, you might wonder what’s going on here, but yes – that is what the internet used to look like back then; compete with silly gifs, busy backgrounds and some of the ugliest looking menus you’ve ever seen.

You can bask in some more olde internet goodness on the site here.