Monthly Archives: October 2017

Stefan Draschan – Photography

Stefan Draschan is a German photographer with a great eye and most of all – some incredible patience! This set of photos, People Matching Artworks, is an entirely unstaged project where Draschan waits for people to appear in front of art wearing matching clothing. No funny business. No posing!

Check out more below and do yourself a favour and visit Draschan’s site here.

Lens Culture Awards Entries

Two of our students, Alena Sidorova and Shannon Heaver, entered the Lens Culture Awards this year and we think their work is really top notch!

The way the competition works is through social shares so if you want to give our students some love, don’t be scared!

Alena Sidorova shot the bright, colourful images with the patterned clothing, which you can vote for here.

Shannon Heaver shot the black and gold tone images, which you can vote for here.

Good luck!


Midnight at the Flambabosa

We are so excited to share this! Our 3rd year multimedia students’ end of year project was a collaborative film where everyone played a part – from creating a production company through to design, filming, producing, directing, writing and much more.

We present… Midnight at the Flambabosa!


Shin Morae – Illustration

Shin Morae is an illustrator from Seoul with a soft, simplified style informed by 90s anime that we can’t get enough of. We love her subject matter too, which is at once mundane and very meaningful at the same time, as if they are single panes from a larger narrative comic or story.

To see more of her work, check out her website here.

Shackleton Whisky – Packaging

This one is special! We love the work that Stranger and Stranger do. They’ve got highly detailed, beautiful alcohol packaging down to a fine art and they show it again here with Shackleton Whisky.

From illustration through to typography, use of colour and just the finest eye for detail – you will not find more appealing alcohol packaging perhaps anywhere.

Truly incredible!

See more work we’ve featured from Stranger and Stranger:

Here and here.


Rodenstock – Print Campaign

What a fun piece of work by Serviceplan Munich! Rodenstock is an optical lens and frame manufacturer in Germany with a great sense of humour. If you’re someone who wears glasses, you know the frustration of having to squint to see something better. It is this observation they used in this campaign with the smart line: See better. Look perfect.

On top of this, the styling art direction and photography are just top notch. Well done all round!

Klaus Kremmerz – Illustration

Klaus Kremmerz is an illustrator from Germany with felt tip pen skills like you’ve never seen before! Creating all of his work by hand, Kremmerz meticulously colours with felt tip pens to create work with both incredible compositions, but a wondrous handmade feel at the same time.

Check out more of his work below! And spare a thought for his hands, because colouring like this is not easy!

Luckies of London – Wild Tape

Calling all the stationery nerds! This one is for all of us! Luckies of London is a gifting sight by designers, which means not only do we get all the cool stuff us designer types need to get our juices flowing, but that the products are really smart and desirable too!

These Wild Tape dispensers use three different African animals as inspiration, with the smart idea for a dispenser we’ve seen in a while! How could you not want to stick up everything you find if you had tape like this in your office?

Check them out below!