Monthly Archives: June 2018

Max Miechowski – Photography

Max Miechowski is a young photographer from Lincoln in the UK, who now lives in London, plying his trade and taking some beautiful portraits.

We love these perfectly considered portraits of real people, capturing their personalities with just one image. And let’s not forget the incredible use of light in these images. We can’t wait to see what Miechowski will get up to next!

Check out more of his work below.


Porona – Packaging

Porona is a Chinese skincare brand with multiple variants based on the plants which go into the final products. This provided designers Ying He and Heng Wang with fertile ground as they created a number of different patterns and designs which speak to each of these plants. We love the mix of premium / luxe looking design with softer, organic illustration.

Take a look at the whole range below!

Marc Armand – French Football Team Posters

Marc Armand is a French designer and art director who was given the task of graphically representing the new French soccer jersey for the soccer world cup. We absolutely love this work he did, which at once pays homage to traditional French design and typography while also taking inspiration from the technologically advanced fabric of the French football jersey.

You can check out his website here.

Tenderstem Broccoli – Print Campaign

Broccoli is not the most exciting vegetable. In fact, it finds itself in a category of foods which many people wouldn’t say are the least bit exciting at all. And yet a brand like Tenderstem Broccoli, with the help of ad agency McCann Bristol, was able to really push the boundary!

With beautifully art directed scenes of broccoli doing, well, pretty amazing things – Tenderstem has completely repositioned what broccoli can be. Whether it’s surfing on waves of lettuce or bungee jumping over a river of noodle broth – this isn’t how you imagined broccoli.

Check out more of the campaign below.

Oat the Goat – Interactive Story

Wow! We love this work by Assembly and FCB New Zealand for the New Zealand Ministry of Education. It tells the story of Oat the Goat and his travels, teaching young children to understand how their actions can affect the people around them.

With a beautiful animation style, immersive sound design and a great story – this is truly digital work of the highest order. We do suggest you spend some time checking out the site and seeing just how far digital work can be taken.

You can read Oat the Goat’s story here (in English or in Maori!).

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 15.19.57


Fran Caballero – Illustration

Fran Caballero is a Glasgow-based illustrator with a style that is at once both simple and frenetic. Colourful but not overbearing. Somewhat inspired by older illustration styles, and yet entirely modern at the same time. These contradictions are what make his work so appealing.

Whether it’s crazy wrestling bodies with intertwined legs and arms or people clinking bottles together – his touch is apparent.

You can see more of his work on his website here.