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Adidas – Yung Website

They say that eventually everything old is new again. And this ‘blast from the past’ from Adidas, proves just that. To celebrate their new Yung range of shoes, which draw very strongly from the 90s aesthetic, they launched a website to match. If you weren’t on the internet in the 90s, you might wonder what’s going on here, but yes – that is what the internet used to look like back then; compete with silly gifs, busy backgrounds and some of the ugliest looking menus you’ve ever seen.

You can bask in some more olde internet goodness on the site here.


Sea Harvest – Website

If you’ve got a traditional fish shop, there are certain things that people expect, even if the world has moved on a bit. One of those things is having your fish wrapped in newspaper – it’s just the way it has always been done!

So how do you apply that to web?

That’s something ED, Sea Harvest’s agency asked themselves. The result – a website designed to look like an old newspaper – we love it!

You can visit the site here.

Christmas Experiments

What an awesome idea! This website contains an ‘advent calendar’ of Christmas experiments, where every day a new WebGL project becomes available for you to check out and play with.

From decorating Christmas trees through to crazy dancing games – this project has it all.

You can visit the site here – and be prepared, it’s going to take up quite a bit of your time!

Narcos Mexico – Website

Wow! What a smart way to market the new Narcos series on Netflix! The entire series has now shifted to Mexico, and as a way to see just how drugs are trafficked across the world – this site gives you the opportunity to have cocaine ‘sent’ to your address.

To test it out, we used Tegno Park in Stellenbosch (close enough to our real address – we wouldn’t want to incriminate ourselves!) and had a package of cocaine ‘delivered’. With a smart mix of Google Maps data and Google Streetview, the site creates a short video showing the journey that cocaine takes, all the way from South America to South Africa!

Check out the site here. If you dare!

Spicy No Spicy – Website

Creating a really great website for a restaurant has become somewhat of an art these days. We really appreciate what The First The Last have done here for Ukrainian restaurant, Spicy No Spicy. The restaurant itself has a very well considered interior design and one can immediately see the logic in having a website to match.

Great illustration, beautiful use of colour and a really nice cursor (who would have thought that would be something to mention!) make this site a really great example of a functional site that does its job incredibly well, while also being a joy to use and look at.

To see more of the site, click here.

Screenshot 2018-10-12 at 13.34.17.png

Screenshot 2018-10-12 at 13.32.40.png

KIKK Festival Website

The KIKK Festival is a Belgian event that happens yearly where some of the best creative minds in digital and other media come together and share their work, inspiring all who attend. While it’s always hard to showcase a great website using just images, we’re sharing just a few screen shots here so you can get the idea before you visit the site yourself.

Using a really creative cursor design, the site treats your cursor like a little window into the world beyond as you move it around on the website, highlighting an area of pink in the site and revealing unexpected colour and detail in the design and typography.

We do suggest you visit the site and spend some time looking at how they’ve solved the problem of having a really exciting and interesting site which delivers on their interests of both digital and creativity working together. It’s only once you check out the different pages and see how it all works that you’ll truly appreciate what they’ve done here!

You can visit the site here.