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Coca Cola – Taste The Feeling

Wow! These are amazing! Memac Ogilvy created these incredible print ads for Coca-Cola, which if you look closely use crowd shots that look almost exactly like the bubbles in Coke!

So smart!



McDonald’s App Print Campaign

Such a great campaign by TBWA Zurich! McDonald’s Switzerland was launching a new app and to announce it – a print campaign was created where iconic McDonald’s menu items were illustrated as app icons.

Simple, smart and memorable – just the way we like it!

Dairy Farmers of Canada – Print Campaign

Such great art direction in this print campaign by KBS Montreal for the Dairy Farmers of Canada. They’ve taken a fairly simple (and honestly not incredibly exciting) message and turned it into something much more engaging. With the idea that dairy products are a source of protein and therefore can help people get stronger, they created fantastical tableaus using dairy product shapes, with ‘strong’ people using them.

Such a clever answer to this problem!

Regione Lazio – Print Campaign

It’s such a breath of fresh air to see advertising for something like flu vaccines get more creative. This print campaign by Superhumans Rome is such a perfect example. Rather than a serious, boring message about getting the flu vaccination, they take a funnier, more memorable angle on the issue. With the line: Winter is not scary any more, with the flu vaccine, they are able to open up their imagery to include really funny things like a polar bear and a yeti – no longer scaring normal people, as they would before.

Perfect – and great quality on the executions too. They really live up to the idea!

Britain’s Beer Alliance – Print Campaign

Beer is something that needs very little introduction to adults – either you like it or you don’t and you tend to drink around sporting occasions or just when chilling out with friends. But there is an entire world of beer pairing out there that many people are just not aware of.

This is something that Britain’s Beer Alliance want to change, using this beautifully illustrated and art directed campaign, thanks to the help of La Comunidad London. Each execution indicates a beer style along with an accompanying food to go with it. It can be a bit strange having a fish encouraging you to eat other fish perhaps, but we’re overlooking that because these just look so good!

Have a look at the rest below.


Michelin Print Campaign

There’s something to be said for a brand so well known that advertising it doesn’t even require a logo. It’s a bold move, but it’s definitely a memorable one!

This work by TBWA\CHIAT\DAY New York does just that. Using the recognisable hands of the Michelin man, this print campaign shows how Michelin tyres can help keep you on the road.

We love it!