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Farnham Ale – Print Campaign

Great work from lg2 Quebec. It’s not easy to bring to life a concept like ‘bitter’ using only visuals. They’ve done a great job of using both the Farnham Ale product and the product attribute in these cleverly conceived print executions.

Who wouldn’t be a bit bitter if these sorts of things happened to them?

McDonald’s Big Mac with Bacon – Print Campaign

Is ‘artvertising’ a thing yet? We think it could be!

This work by Nord DDB takes classic pieces of art we all recognise and adds bacon. Not just for the sake of it, although that would be quite interesting, but to point out that McDonald’s in Sweden is now offering the Big Mac with bacon, a different type of classic than these masterpieces, but a classic nonetheless.

Check out more of the executions below!

German Police and Emergency Services – Print Campaign

This work by fischerAppelt for the German Police and Emergency Services takes a fairly stuffy subject and makes it interesting, using illustration and a bit of a Christmas spirit. To remind people that the emergency services and the police are always there for them, even during the festive season, this campaign uses quirky festive season moments in a cute illustration style.

Walt Disney World – Print Campaign

This print campaign by Yellow Shoes, the Walt Disney company’s internal creative agency uses a great insight to make its point. That insight is: For parents of young children, a marker of how much fun children have had had is not necessarily how they react at the time, but how quiet they get afterwards and ideally how quiet the car ride home is.

These beautifully shot executions of tuckered out kids sleeping in the back of cars on the way back from Walt Disney World perfectly captures that moment.

De Neuville Chocolate – Print Campaign

We love when illustration and art direction come together to create something beautiful. This work by Gyro Paris does just that! This campaign is for De Neuville, a French chocolatier, and the illustration style used makes these so much more appealing than if we were just seeing photography.

Such a good choice art direction wise!

McDonald’s – Family Proof Print Campaign

McDonald’s has done a great job over the years of being kid-friendly. From designated play places to happy meals and just ultimate convenience – McDonald’s does families with kids well. TBWA Paris brought this to life in this touching print campaign that captures both the joy and the chaos of family life. McDonald’s really is family proof.

We love it!