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Liomont Analgen Forte – Print Campaign

With great art direction and illustration, this campaign for Liomont Analgen Forte by Publicis Mexico City uses a great insight to inform the look and feel.  When you have a headache, it usually becomes someone else’s problem. Here, they showed how hierarchical structures can be affected when the boss has a headache, with a simple but very clever illustrative device. Eventually, the boss’s headache becomes everyone else’s problem.

Great work!

Blank Books – 50% off print campaign

When you need to advertise a 50% off sale for a book shop, what do you do?

You could be literal and show prices, create a pamphlet and try get people interested that way. Or, knowing your audience are readers and maybe a little more intellectual than most, you can be smart. How smart? Find books which feature numbers in their titles, and halve them. THAT’S how you show a 50% off sale for a book shop.

Such great work from MullenLowe in South Africa! From conceptualisation through to design and illustration – this is just perfect.


Dollar Shave Club – Boogie’s Print Campaign

Dollar Shave Club began with a great idea and an enormously successful launch ad that changed the way startup companies launch themselves to the greater market. It’s great to see that their insistence on quality branding and marketing continues with this very simple, but incredibly fun print campaign.

It’s built on a simple premise: Enjoy these hair products while you can. Using a bunch of men who are somewhat challenged in the follicular department, this campaign reminds us all what can happen to men. And to enjoy hair while it’s still around!

American Cancer Society – Print Campaign

What a stunning campaign by DDB Chicago! This beautifully shot work for the American Cancer Society highlights the amazing feats of willpower that cancer survivors go through and asks us a really important question: Imagine if we could raise money to help people in the fight with cancer in the same way.

The photography is spot on and the simple, powerful art direction really allows you as the viewer to feel an emotional connection with the communication. Great work for a great cause!

Nutcase Print Campaign

What a fun campaign by The Community Miami. When you’re trying to advertise helmets, there are only so many ways to think about what you want to say. We all know that helmets are incredibly important and very necessary if on a bicycle or motorbike, so going with a message that is just about safety is probably going to fall on deaf ears, or just become wallpaper.

Which is where humour comes in.

This campaign hinges on a very simple copy line: Helmets. Protecting us since ever. That is then fleshed out to show a number of amusing, beautifully illustrated pieces where helmets have really helped out. It’s not about safety, it’s not about ‘doing the right thing’ or trying to guilt people into wearing helmets. It just tells a fun little story – and that makes it incredibly memorable.

Great art direction, stunning illustration and a simple idea that sticks in your mind. It doesn’t get any better!

Loctite – 60 Seconds Print Campaign

All great print ads bring to life a product benefit in a smart way that ideally is quick to understand and memorable too. If it’s funny – then that’s a bonus. These ads for Loctite glue by Heimat Berlin pretty much nail all of the above criteria.

They’ve taken Loctite’s quick-drying benefit and shown people in situations where they’ve got some time (but not too much!) in which to allow the glue to dry. This campaign gets even better though, when you consider the art direction. Rather than just rely on photography, they’ve gone with a cute, painterly illustration style that allows the humour of the ideas to shine through.

Lovely art direction, lovely illustration and lovely ideas. It doesn’t get much better!