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Stella Park – Illustration

Stella Park is a South Korean illustrator who has a friendly, almost children’s book inspired style that we can’t get enough of. There’s a real sense of care for her subjects, which always makes work feel better for the viewer. So much colour and so much life!

You can see more of her work on her Instagram here.


Raiz – Packaging

It’s always difficult deciding how to depict a new product category when it comes to designing its packaging. Raiz is a coconut milk fortified with ‘adaptogenic’ ingredients, which puts it in the health category. However, it also needs to be appealing and exciting to look at.

We think design agency, the Small Monsters, have done such a great job here of capturing both desirability as well as believability and ‘health’ in their approach. And the way they shot the products with the ingredients around them is just perfect.

Top notch work!

Francois Prost – Photography

Francois Prost is a Parisian graphic designer, art director and photographer. Today, we’re sharing a series of images he shot specialising in, you guessed it, strip clubs in America’s South. We love the composition of these shots and the stillness he’s managed to capture, despite the goings on inside.

You can see more of Prost’s photography on his website here.

Haus – Website

Haus is a creative digital studio based in Los Angeles. They’re at the forefront of what’s cool in digital and creativity right now and they’ve got a really awesome website showcasing their work to boot.

We do suggest you visit their site, not only to look at their incredible work, but also to play with all the fun stuff they put on their site. It’s so much fun!

Volkswagen Park Assist – Print

We love a print campaign like this. It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s memorable and it makes its point in a lateral way, like all good creative advertising does. These ads by AlmapBBDO Sao Paulo are for Volkswagen’s park assist feature and to bring to life how some people just don’t have spatial awareness, they showed people taking typical tourist photos, but getting them horribly wrong.


Chaddy-Ann Newton – Illustration

Chaddy-Ann Newton is an example of someone who has found something they love and is sticking to it. And what he really likes drawing, is ducks. Ducks doing every day things, ducks doing weird things and probably ducks doing some things we wouldn’t want to share on this blog.

We’ve got to say, while this may not be everyone’s cup of tea – it’s so unique that we absolutely love it!

You can see more ducks here, on Chaddy-Ann’s instagram page.

Musee Bath Products – Packaging

This project by Process AG is the perfect example of how good design can elevate a brand and a product beyond the category in which it finds itself. Bath products like bath bombs are not particularly expensive and can be used quite often – they’re not ‘luxury’ items. However, that doesn’t mean that their design can’t be treated with care and attention like a more premium product.

If we think of the pampering experience of a bath, we can see just how important a good product and packaging experience is when it comes to bath bombs and other bath products.

You can see more of Musee’s products and design here.