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Christmas Experiments

What an awesome idea! This website contains an ‘advent calendar’ of Christmas experiments, where every day a new WebGL project becomes available for you to check out and play with.

From decorating Christmas trees through to crazy dancing games – this project has it all.

You can visit the site here – and be prepared, it’s going to take up quite a bit of your time!


Pirelli Calendar 2019

The release of the Pirelli Calendar is a big day in any photography buff’s diary, and this year’s iteration certainly lives up to the hype. Shot by Scottish photographer, Albert Watson (who shot THAT iconic photograph of Steve Jobs in his black polo neck), this set of images has a narrative, filmic quality that we really love. Each image brings with it a strong feeling that something is happening, has happened or is going to happen – these are not just static fashion shoots.

With just these a few images released so far of the full 40 featured in the calendar, we’re sure this year’s version is going to be an absolute tour de force!

Roladin – Print Campaign

Roladin is a bakery and patisserie in Israel with a flair for creating beautiful, great-tasting pastries. For Hannukah 2018, they created a range of Sufganiyot (which are traditional doughnuts baked for the holiday) and needed a cool way to tell the public about them. To do so, they turned to M&C Saatchi Tel Aviv, who created this awesome print campaign for them. With some really lush art direction and gorgeous photography, this campaign imagines the Sufganiyot as if they were people – with haircuts and looks matching the decorations of the pastries themselves.

So much fun!

It’s Centred That – Website

So… do you think you’ve got the ‘designer’s eye’? This website by Supremo, a UX and digital agency in the UK asks just that. They designed a really fun game (if you’re as nerdy about design as we are!) that tests your eye as a designer by giving you ten challenges: Deciding whether the dot you see in the image is centred or not.

This is such a smart way to showcase the importance of good design and to show people who are not designers themselves how difficult it can be!

You can play the game here.

Baskin Robbins South Korea – Design

When you get to design for ice cream, more often than not you get to really have fun and that’s exactly what design duo Craig & Karl did here for Baskin Robbins South Korea. Using their iconic look and feel, they added a huge amount of fun, personality and excitement to the brand.

We especially love the modular packaging, idea where you can create your own characters with ‘heads’ and ‘bodies’. You can see how ice cream cones themselves were the inspiration for this – so incredibly smart!

Miwon Yoon – Illustration

South Korean illustrator Miwon Yoon has an eye for detail and a real talent for capturing still-life illustrations of food. After studying fine arts, where she specialised in video making and animation, she turned her attention to illustration. And we must say – she clearly has enormous amounts of talent no matter how she expresses her creativity.

Have a look at her illustrations below.