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Pantone – Print Campaign

What a powerful campaign by TBWA France! Using some smart photo manipulation they showed the power of colour – perfectly in line with what Pantone offers.

We love this – it feels like these ads could be printed out as posters and framed. Perfect!

Apple Airpods Pro Website – Multimedia

If you’re looking for product and design porn, you can always look to Apple for great work. This website for their new Airpods Pro does not disappoint! Using some really beautiful scroll effects, it really takes the user through the product in a beautiful, in-depth way.

You can visit the site here. Enjoy!

Mark Mahaney – Photography

Mark Mahaney is an American photographer who works both in editorial and commercial photography. Today, we’re sharing his work Polar Night, which focuses on the northernmost town in Alaska, 320 miles above the Arctic circle. Specifically, his images focus on the 65 days in winter when there is no sun at all, showing us what it’s like to live in such an inhospitable environment.

What an incredible window into a world most of us could never dream of. We love this work!

Karlien de Villers featured in the Sunday Times

One of our lecturers, Karlien de Villiers, was just featured in the Sunday Times for her amazing art and illustration. We are so proud!

The article tracks her past and delves into her creative inspiration and thoughts on art and creativity. You can read it here.

To see more of Karlien’s awesome work (and yes we do say so ourselves!) you can visit her website here.

McDonald's Big Mac with Bacon – Print Campaign

Is ‘artvertising’ a thing yet? We think it could be!

This work by Nord DDB takes classic pieces of art we all recognise and adds bacon. Not just for the sake of it, although that would be quite interesting, but to point out that McDonald’s in Sweden is now offering the Big Mac with bacon, a different type of classic than these masterpieces, but a classic nonetheless.

Check out more of the executions below!

Aleia Murawksi and Samuel Copeland – Photography

We never knew we needed photographs of snails in our lives, until we see this work by Aleia Murawski and Samuel Copeland. It casts snails in the most ridiculous scenes, somehow bringing some much needed cuteness to our little garden friends.

We absolutely love this!

You can visit their website here and instagram here.

Acnomel – Print

Who said good advertising couldn’t be just absolutely gross?

This piece by SS Amsterdam Brand Partners from Peru goes all out on the gross factor with this print execution for Acnomel. It encourages people with acne to stop hurting themselves by trying to squeeze their pimples and rather to use Acnomel instead.

It certainly gets its point across!