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Pornhub – BeeSexual

Pornhub as a brand has never been shy to advertise and get itself out there. This new campaign they’ve created to save the bees is no different! To help save the bees, they created an entire section of their website dedicated to films of bees. For every film that gets watched, Pornhub will donate to charities that will help save the bees.

This video they created does such a good of explaining their thinking and how the project will work. Have a watch below. And don’t worry – it’s all Safe For Work!


Nutrinovate – Packaging

Packaging for a new product is always an interesting problem to solve. And when that new product is an entirely new type of product, it becomes especially interesting. That’s exactly the thing that Pond Design had to deal with when they were tasked to create the new packaging for Nutrinovate.

Nutrinovate is a new type of delivery system for vitamins and supplements, using a thin film. These films, created from algae, can be placed inside your cheek or under your tongue and allow your body to absorb the vitamins through your mucus membranes, instead of your digestive system.

We love how they’ve taken some of the cues from traditional vitamin and supplement design and created something new, modern and most importantly: Believable. Buying into something new like this is never easy, and having packaging that adds to credibility is vitally important.

Job well done!

Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire – Packaging

We love this packaging for Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire, created by Higgins Design in Germany. It uses real firehose material to package the bottle! This is such a smart way of using interesting substrates in your packaging, while still being entirely conceptual.

As Marshall McLuhan said: The medium is the message!

National Geographic – Print Campaign

This campaign by National Geographic draws such an interesting parallel between the use of straws and smoking cigarettes. For many years now, cigarettes have been acknowledged as harmful and showing plastic straws in the same way creates an entirely new context in which to look at them.

Very clever!

Kate Peters – Photography

This incredible project by Kate Peters, photographer, and Gem Fletcher, art director, is a true labour of love. Interestingly too, this project, Imilchil is in fact all about love. Imilchil is a small town in Morocco’s Atlas mountains where once a year the local people congregate to find a partner. There are intricate rules about clothing and conduct and despite centuries old tradition, love can still find a way under these conditions.

You can see more of Kate Peters’ work on her website here.

And you can see more of Gem Fletcher’s work on her website here.

Alexandre Luu – Illustration

Alexandre Luu is a French illustrator with what we can only imagine is a lot of patience! He creates meticulous pencil drawings and animations, which show that less really can be more.

Whether it’s minimalist illustrations of people on the beach, or animations of Snoop Dogg dancing with the proverbial gin and juice, Luu is a master of his craft. You can see more of his work here.

Samuel Burgess-Johnson – Design

Samuel Burgess-Johnson is a multidisciplinary designer and artist known for working extensively with the band The 1975. However, his work also extends further, with commercial work for a number of high profile international brands.

We’ve shared just a taste of his work here, but his work extends even further. This multi-disciplinarianism is something we really appreciate – this is truly the future of creativity, with designers and other creative people able to express themselves in a multitude of ways.