Monthly Archives: August 2014

Mary Wong – Corporate Identity

Mary Wong is a noodle bar franchise in and around Moscow and when we found their corporate identity we just had to share it. Sleek, minimalist and incredibly exciting. With design like this, who wouldn’t want to eat at your noodle bar?

Martin Krusche – Poor Illustrations

Martin Krusche is a multi-talented art director/illustrator from Berlin and we’re very glad to be sharing his amazing work with you. He specialises in finely detailed illustrations and designs that are clearly well-loved and well thought out. We love his attention to detail and level of finishing.

While you take your time to appreciate his works here – dubbed the ‘Poor Illustrations’ consider having a look at his website at his other amazing work. You can find that right over here.

Virgin Atlantic – How a new tray can save millions of dollars

In the world of airlines, weight is very important. Just a few kilograms can add up to thousands of dollars in fuel costs when you consider how often planes fly. For this reason, airlines are always looking at ways to cut weight and thus cut fuel costs. Over the years, airlines have looked at reducing the weight of seatbelts, seats themselves and even how much paint is used on the plane (when you consider how large planes are – paint can end up weighing a lot!)

For this reason, Virgin Atlantic employed the services of MAP Projects – a design consultancy in London – to see what they could do. Not only is the design solution space and weight saving, we also think it’s rather elegant too.

This is a great example of applying design thinking to business problems and arriving at real world, actionable solutions that deliver not only real value to the business concerned but also improve the look and feel of their objects. Everyone wins!

If you’re interested in learning more about MAP, check out their website over here.

Marcel George – Watercolours

Marcel George is a 26 year old illustrator from London. We love his watercolour portraits and studies of objects. As people who understand how difficult watercolours can be – we appreciate not only the talent shown, but also his incredible skill!

To see more of Marcel George’s work – take a look at his website here.

Gaza Illustrations – Tawfik Gebreel

Tawfik Gebreel is a lecturer and illustrator at the University of Palestine. We love what he’s done with these incredibly timely illustrations, highlighting the plight of Palestinians and turning something horrific into something beautiful. To see how art and illustration can give us new ways of seeing things, finding beauty and changing our views is always exciting.

See more of Gebreel’s work here.

George Steinmetz – Summer Over The City

George Steinmetz specialises in aerial photography and his recent photo series ‘Summer Over The City’ for the New Yorker magazine is a great example of his work, which shows us the hidden patterns and unseen parts of a city as great and well known as New York. Steinmetz, who usually works from a paraglider, used a helicopter for this project – spending time learning more about the city he almost calls home (he lives in New Jersey, which is close enough).

For more of Steinmetz’s work, have a look at his website over here.

Nike Shoebox

Elegant design solutions are always the best. The ideas that make you go, ‘Ah! I wish I thought of that!’ or, ‘But… it’s just so… simple!’

This promo piece for Nike shows that kind of thinking exactly. When you’ve created the world’s most flexible shoe, why would you package it in the usual way? This smaller box, which is just 1/3 the size of a normal shoe box, uses less cardboard and takes up less packing space.

Plus the shoes just look so cool folded up like that…


MacBook Air – The Notebook People Love

As a school of the creative arts, we work almost exclusively on Apple products and it’s nice to see an ad coming around from Apple that feels like it celebrates us arty types and all the hard work we do.

This new advert for their MacBook Air shows simply and stylishly how much people love their laptops. Using stop motion, you get a great idea of all the ways people have decorated their MacBooks and we must admit we’re rather inspired!

Hei Ce Ce – Illustration

Hei Ce Ce is a Chinese illustrator who specialises in moody, mostly black and white illustrations that call to mind old fairy tales and other intriguing things.

We love to see how the language of design truly is universal, where we can share and understand things with people halfway across the globe.

To see more from Hei Ce Ce, click here.

Matthew Hirsch – Chocolate Bar CV

If you’re a recently graduated designer and you’re looking for a job, the chances are you need to have a killer CV to let people know not only the quality of your work but also the quality of your thinking. For Matthew Hirsch, who happens to almost share a name with a rather famous chocolate company, he decided the best thing to do would be to produce his CV as a chocolate bar.

Is it too cheesy to say this is a sweet idea? We’re suckers for a great concept.

To see more of Hirsch’s decadent design work, check out his website here.