Monthly Archives: July 2019

Match – Ad Campaign

Wow – we love this work! Marcel Paris created these copy driven ads for the dating app Match. They take a more commitment-based approach to dating, rather than the likes of Tinder, which… well… we all know what Tinder is for.

And while they start off a little raunchy, if your mind is that way inclined, they definitely end in more commitment-centric ways. Perfect!

Our Students making inroads!

Georgie van Heerden, one of our third year students, interned at local hotshop for all things digital, MakeReign. Word has it that she did so well she was offered a job, which always makes us incredibly happy to hear!

She was also featured on their blog. You can check that out here.

Well done Georgie! It’s so special to see our multimedia students do well.

You can see more of Georgie’s work on her Behance profile here.


Ever wished you could tell the future of design? That you could see into the new trends before anyone else? This project called ‘Tarot-O-Bot’ does just that. Created by Illo, an Italian design agency, it is an online tarot card reader with purpose-created cards with awesome illustrations.

Are you ready to learn the future of design? Click here.

Melissa Schriek – Photography

It’s always interesting to see photography where models pose ‘differently’ and this work by Melissa Schriek takes that to the extreme! Schriek, a Netherlands-based photographer, created this series called: A Study of Uncomfortable Positions and boy… do they look uncomfortable!

We love this!

You can see more of her work on her website here.