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Acura NSX – Original Must Be Done

It’s so interesting to see how brands are able to bridge the space between the real world and online. Here, to celebrate a limited edition release of a new Acura NSX model, they created a personalised video for every single car that was produced. Just as every car has a number, every video has a number too. This means that as an owner of an original car, you are also able to watch a video that was created just for you. Such incredible attention to detail!

You can check out the videos (and drool over the car of course) over here.

Cabbibo – Enough

Cabbibo is an online art project that has to be seen to be believed. Existing outside of branding or marketing, it’s hard to describe just what this is other than Multimedia Art.

There are a number of projects or pieces that have been created, but Cabbibo’s latest – Enough is something incredibly special. It is inspired by picture books from childhood but reimagined for the digital age, with responsive elements and trippy visuals along with an engaging story.

We’ve shared some screens from the project, but the only way you can truly appreciate this is to experience it for yourself. Set aside some time, put in your earphones and take yourself on a journey – you will not be disappointed.

Check it out here.

Insidious – The Room Experience

Dare you enter The Room?

This interactive site for Insidious Chapter 3 makes for a very creepy experience – encouraging users to investigate a room that turns out to be haunted.

Not for the faint-hearted, this site is so much fun to play around with. And it makes us want to watch the movie too!

Click here to enter… if you think you can handle it!