Monthly Archives: January 2014

Heineken – Carol Karaoke

What happens if you’re doing Karaoke with your friends and you’re suddenly given the opportunity to beam your performance to almost 30 000 people across New York city? Would you do it? Would you run screaming?

This is the question Heineken asked this festive season and the results were unbelievably entertaining. Check out the video below (and watch out for Karaoke bars!)

Christoffel Blindenmission – Shadow Faces

The Christoffel Blindenmission had a problem – they needed to secure donations to help fight cataracts, but had no way to show just how far a donation would go.

For each donation of 50 Francs, one person could have their cataracts operated on and be restored to sight – this led to a breakthrough; showing the real faces of people who were in need of surgery, using nothing but a 50 Swiss Francs note and a light. Watch the video below to find out how they did it…

It’s simple, it’s clever and it does good. Exactly what we think good advertising should be!

Bart Synowiec – Abandoned Spaces

Bart Synowiec is a fine art photographer based in Canada who specialises in photographing abandoned spaces.

His beautiful framed and composed works bring order to spaces that seem chaotic and give us pause as we look at spaces which were once teeming with life yet are now entirely empty and abandoned.

For more of Synowiec’s amazing work, have a look at his website here.

Christoffer Relander – Photography

Christoffer Relander is a photographer from Finland who has specialised in double and triple exposure photography.

This series, overlaying portraits with nature scenes is not only amazing to look at but also makes us think about our connection to the natural world.

We’re suitably impressed!

Check out more of Relander’s work here. Redesign

If you were at Design Indaba 2013 you may be aware of Michael Bierut and Christoph Niemann, two people who spoke (quite wonderfully) this past year. If you aren’t aware of them, now is a good time to get yourself acquainted.

Michael Bierut is the Design Director at Pentagram Design and Christoph Niemann is a world-renowned illustrator. When Pentagram teamed up with Christoph Niemann to rebrand, they created magic.

Rather than waffle on, we’ll just let you take in all the eye candy.

Anna Hill – Photoshop Project

Anna Hill is currently a student at the East Carolina University and her recent Photoshop Project has caused waves across the Internet.

By taking a satirical look at what we, as designers and art directors, do to the human image it raises some important questions. Where does responsibility end when it comes to manipulating the human image? How do we feel about the unrealistic expectations we put on people in terms of what their bodies should look like?

Take a look at Hill’s work and decide for yourself.

For more of her great work, check out her website here.

Petra Blahova – My Garden

Petra Blahova, a designer based in the United Kingdom, likes experimental typography and we must admit we do too.

For this project, she used flowers and plants from her garden and an alphabetical ice cube set and made her own type by arranging and freezing the flowers and plants in place.

Absolutely incredible!

For more of Blahova’s work, check out her Behance profile here.

Mike Holmes – Illustration Styles

Mike Holmes is an illustrator working out of Canada, and he set himself a task – one which we think would be a great challenge for our illustration students (nudge nudge wink wink).

Mike clearly loves his cat just as much as he loves drawing, so he decided to draw himself and his cat in the style of 100 different illustrators from around the world. Some you may recognise and some may be a bit more obscure but either way – when you see this man’s versatility, you can see just what a good illustrator he really is.

For more of Holmes’ work, check out his website here.