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Dr Jart+ Packaging

When you look at the work that Pentagram does, it’s always top notch. Here, they’ve redesigned a Korean skincare company and created something anyone would be proud to display on their bedside table or bathroom cabinet.

Taking inspiration from old oil cans and other containers, they have created an entirely unique soft-touch range for Dr Jart+ with smart details such as; a wide pump signalling a more viscous product like lotion while a round pump is used for oils and liquids.

It wasn’t just a repackaging exercise though, but an entire rebrand – Dr Jart+ always used the ‘+’ symbol in their branding but Pentagram took it to the next level, using it as a logomark which can change based on the skincare range and what it does.

When it comes to incredible packaging and product design, it doesn’t get much better than this! Have a look below!


Mastercard – Redesign

When you’re looking for a big rebrand there are a few international agencies you can look to who specialise in doing this for enormous brands. One of the best is Pentagram, who just redesigned the Corporate Identity for Mastercard. Talk about pressure!

Looking at where they’ve gone, you can see a natural progression of the brand identity, with a minimalist look and feel that feels right for 2016. It’s so interesting how you don’t see brand as dated until it gets a redesign, then suddenly the old logo looks like it was almost never relevant at all. That’s what’s happened here. And this is the mark of truly great CI design – being able to update something for the present that retains all the qualities of the previous design, while still being futureproof.

Pentragram have done an amazing job here. Check it out below.

Nuts.com Redesign

If you were at Design Indaba 2013 you may be aware of Michael Bierut and Christoph Niemann, two people who spoke (quite wonderfully) this past year. If you aren’t aware of them, now is a good time to get yourself acquainted.

Michael Bierut is the Design Director at Pentagram Design and Christoph Niemann is a world-renowned illustrator. When Pentagram teamed up with Christoph Niemann to rebrand nuts.com, they created magic.

Rather than waffle on, we’ll just let you take in all the eye candy.