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Jack Kenyon – Photography

The world of animal showing is fascinating and always a great subject for photography. This work by Jack Kenyon, taken at the Supreme Cat Show in the UK, continues that tradition.

He called this series Cat Worship, and if the photographs are anything to go by, you can see why. What a window into a world most of us never get to see!

You can see more of Kenyon’s work on his Instagram account here.

Yamato Transport – Packing Cat

Yamato Transport is a Japanese courier company with a cat as their company mascot. You can see it above in their logo, and you can see it come to life in this incredibly cute execution they made to show people just how easy it is to send a parcel with Yamato.

How they got the cat to play ball (or used CGI trickery to make it happen) we will never know. We do know that this is an incredibly memorable, engaging piece of communication though!

Have a look below.

Mike Holmes – Illustration Styles

Mike Holmes is an illustrator working out of Canada, and he set himself a task – one which we think would be a great challenge for our illustration students (nudge nudge wink wink).

Mike clearly loves his cat just as much as he loves drawing, so he decided to draw himself and his cat in the style of 100 different illustrators from around the world. Some you may recognise and some may be a bit more obscure but either way – when you see this man’s versatility, you can see just what a good illustrator he really is.

For more of Holmes’ work, check out his website here.