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Kyiv Tinctures – Packaging

Yaroslav Shkriblyak is a Ukrainian designer and typographer who did this work for Kyiv Tinctures, a vodka made and bottled in Ukraine. We love how he was able to create something so striking using a limited colour palette and some really gorgeous typography.

You can see more of Shkriblyak’s great design and typography work here.


Stellenbosch Academy Alumnus Works On Awesome Wine Labels

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing our alumni go out and create awesome work out there in the world! This work by Ashton Winkworth is no exception. She works at G2 Design in Stellenbosch, which created these amazing typography-driven wine labels. We love how the design of the type itself represents the meaning of the word! We sense a possible design brief for our students coming up…

Ashton created the ‘Aquiver’ label you see above! Well done!

You can see more of her work on her Behance profile here.

And do check out Rascallion wines here.

Spin – Adventures in Typography

Spin is a London-based multidisciplinary design agency working across typography, packaging, publication, web, identities and motion graphics.

Here, they’ve created an entire publication about their love of typography. It shows their process when creating a new type design, showing some beautifully abstracted forms and a gorgeous monochromatic palette.

If you’re a design nerd like we are – it doesn’t get better than this!

Check out Spin’s website here.


Deutsche Erbschaft – Packaging

Deutsche Erbschaft is a Russian beer with a strong German feel. It was developed in order to increase beer usage in Russia and bring a feeling of heritage and quality to a category that doesn’t always do very well in that country.

What we love most about this design, from Kian – a Russian design agency, is the way the typography has informed the look and feel of the brand. German type is so bold and strong that this seems like such a natural decision when you look at it. This is often the mark of great design: When you look at it, it just seems so obvious and so ‘right’. The harsh angles of the ‘d’ and ‘e’ are used to create a bold demarcation across the packaging that makes for a striking design that anyone would love to have in their hand.

This extends further into the bottle and even the communication design too. We can see on their billboards and posters how they’ve taken this ‘slash’ motif as a strong design element and used it across their collateral: A strong move. If you’re design and typography crazy like we are, it’s so gratifying to see typography being taken seriously and used so powerfully. So often it’s too easy to fall back on illustration, iconography or other design elements to resolve something but here, with a legacy of German type that is so bold and striking, it feels so right to let the type lead the design. It’s clear that we have kindred spirits in the design studio at Kian!

If you would like to know more about typography, lettering and the importance of letter spacing (believe us, it’s more important than you think!) take a look at our design course here. You’ll be a natural in no time!

Bob Ewing – Lettering Process

When something is done truly well it looks effortless. As if this perfect piece of art, design or illustration was birthed perfectly, emerging into the world fully-formed and flawless. But we know that to make something look effortless and perfect requires a huge amount of work. That’s why our students don’t always get the recommended 8 hours a night! The thing is – there is no other way to do things well but the hard way. It’s a learning curve for many students when they join us at The Academy but it is an entirely rewarding way of working that produces great designers, photographers, illustrators, art directors and multimedia designers.

To that end, we love looking at process work – understanding how people got to the finished product. While this is something only other designers and creatives get excited about, seeing work go from rough to finished like this is a valuable lesson for anyone interested in the creative process. We’ve shared a video here by Bob Ewing, American Designer and Letterer where he shows just how much work goes into a design – from the rough sketch through to the finished artwork.

Have a look below!

Boytjie Braai Sauce

We love seeing what Studio Muti is up to. They are a local illustration and design studio based in Cape Town who bring a level of craft and creativity to their work that makes anyone sit up and take notice.

Here, we’re sharing their work for Boytjie Braai sauce, which has resulted in a range of products that would be wasted sitting in the back of a cupboard. Amazing work!