Monthly Archives: August 2015

Jeevasanthi – Print

Jeevasanthi is an Indian dating sate that helps people connect all across India. What better way to show the diversity of Indian peoples than through their traditional illustration styles?

We love this work from JWT Delhi and how it tells such a powerful, inclusive story using nothing but cultural imagery. In a country where social divides can be strong, it is work like this that normalises people mixing and enjoying the company of fellow Indians.

Very, very smart work and very easy on the eye too!

Orijin – Find Your Roots

Orijin is an alcoholic bitters drink from Nigeria and when we saw these ads by SO&U Nigeria we knew we had to share them. We’re always looking to showcase the best of African creativity and the art direction on these print ads is really special.

We love the photography and most of all the uniquely African look and feel. More of this please!

McDonald’s France

It’s so interesting to see how brand’s live in other countries and this work from McDonald’s France shows such a refreshing way of looking at the McDonald’s brand.

The line, venez comme vous etes means: Come as you are – a more inclusive, happier line than I’m loving it, as we know McDonald’s. With really engaging art direction and illustration, we see cute stories being told about life, with the added fun of emoji heads.

Is emoji-advertising here to stay? That’s hard to say, but if it keeps on being as well produced as this, we think it may have a place!

Andy Wang – Hiding In The Wrong Place

Andy Wang is an illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada and we love his simplified, cute style. Here, we are looking at his exhibition called ‘Hiding In The Wrong Place’ that highlights foods from around the world, with his little characters hiding well… in the wrong place!

To see more of Wang’s awesome work, have a look at his website here.