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Stellenbosch Academy Wins 7 Student Loeries!

The results are in and boy are we proud! After securing 33 finalists in this year’s Loerie Awards, we are so excited to reveal our 7 winning pieces of work.

Silver awards went to Amy-Lee Bayman, Henk Malherbe and Michelle van Sittert, while bronze awards went to Danielle Human & Carmen Coetzer, Amy-Lee Bayman, Caylin van der Walt and another for Danielle Human for a piece she worked on, on her own.

Well done to everyone – both students and lecturers, we know how hard you all work for this and it’s so gratifying to see it pay off in this way.

Loeries – we’ll see you next year!


Thirty Three Loerie Finalists!

What incredible news to share with you! We’ve just heard that our students have secured 33 finalists for the Loerie Awards 2017!

To everyone involved, from our students who provide the hard work to our lecturers, who provide the inspiration – well done! What a great way to be recognised!

To see all of our results please click here, then search for ‘Stellenbosch Academy’ in the search box and you’ll see all 33 (yes, thirty three!) of our finalists.

We can’t wait to see how everyone does. Good luck!


Loerie Finalists 2016!

What a great day! We’ve got 36 Loerie nominations this year for multiple students across multiple categories and projects.

The hugest thank you to all our lecturers who set the level and push our students to reach these heights and the hugest ‘well done!’ to our students for doing the amazing work that they continue to do.

As soon as we know the results, we’ll let you know!

Loeries Grand Prix 2015 – KFC Soundbite

What an amazing idea! We love seeing multimedia being used in innovative ways like this for brands. This, from Ogilvy Johannesburg, for KFC South Africa is just incredible – and a worthy winner of a Grand Prix at this year’s Loerie awards.

The idea: You can play music through your table and you listen… through your arms!

Let us not dilly dally any longer – take a look at the video below and prepare to have your mind blown.