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McDonald’s – Outdoor Campaign

We feature work for McDonald’s fairly often on the blog because, well, it’s often just really good! Regardless of what country it comes from, there’s a freshness to McDonald’s advertising that we really enjoy. It’s definitely something that comes from being such a well recognised brand.

This campaign takes that idea even further, using nothing but iconic McDonald’s menu items and the McDonald’s typeface and colour scheme to make its point. There’s no branding anywhere, but if you’ve had any connection with McDonald’s you know exactly who these ads are for.

It’s definitely a bold move, but we feel like it really pays off! Well done Leo Burnett London.

Check out more of them below.

McDonald’s Big Mac with Bacon – Print Campaign

Is ‘artvertising’ a thing yet? We think it could be!

This work by Nord DDB takes classic pieces of art we all recognise and adds bacon. Not just for the sake of it, although that would be quite interesting, but to point out that McDonald’s in Sweden is now offering the Big Mac with bacon, a different type of classic than these masterpieces, but a classic nonetheless.

Check out more of the executions below!

McDonald’s – Family Proof Print Campaign

McDonald’s has done a great job over the years of being kid-friendly. From designated play places to happy meals and just ultimate convenience – McDonald’s does families with kids well. TBWA Paris brought this to life in this touching print campaign that captures both the joy and the chaos of family life. McDonald’s really is family proof.

We love it!

McDonald’s – French Wayfinding Campaign

Here’s our second post about McDonald’s this week! This features work from TBWA Paris, which very cleverly uses the design language of McDonald’s fries as a wayfinding device.

This is what gets incredibly interesting about a brand as well-known as McDonald’s – as a creative you can start to really push what you can do, because the brand is already entirely entrenched in society. The job is less about telling people about what McDonald’s is and more just reminding them that they’re around.


McDonald’s – Moon Landing Campaign

We feature so much work for McDonald’s because well… their agencies keep on creating great work. In fact, we’re featuring McDonald’s twice this week, because we’ve got not only this campaign to share but another as well.

This was created by Leo’s Thjnk Tank, for McDonald’s Germany. It commemorates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with macro photography of classic McDonald’s menu items, shot as if they are the surface of the moon.


McDonald’s – Print Campaign

What a fun idea from TBWA Zurich! This is as simple as advertising gets – no copy whatsoever and only the logo.

We love how this uses the idea of eating something ‘boring’ and thinking about something tastier or more rewarding (like McDonald’s of course) can be communicated using just the logo. It shows what you can do when a brand is as entrenched as McDonald’s is in consumers’ psyches.

This has definitely been a bit of a theme this week, as Monday’s post where we highlighted an outdoor campaign by Coca-Cola is using a very similar visual approach: Taking iconic parts of your branding and creating minimalist, powerful marketing messaging. You can see that post here.