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Miwon Yoon – Illustration

South Korean illustrator Miwon Yoon has an eye for detail and a real talent for capturing still-life illustrations of food. After studying fine arts, where she specialised in video making and animation, she turned her attention to illustration. And we must say – she clearly has enormous amounts of talent no matter how she expresses her creativity.

Have a look at her illustrations below.

Subin Yang – Illustration

Subin Yang is an illustrator working out of New York who got her Bachelor’s degree in illustration from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR.

We love her busy, slightly crazy illustrations that have so much to see and experience inside all of them. Whether she’s illustrating produce, food, or domestic scenes her energy always shines through.

We can’t wait to see how much further her talent takes her in her career!

Maham Sausages Packaging

If we said to you: We have a great design opportunity for you – you get to redesign some sausage packaging – how would you feel? Would you run screaming? Would you politely decline?

In this case, we can see that Masoud Rostami, an Iranian designer dived right into his task – creating packaging for sausages that is quite honestly, a breath of fresh air. With a bold colour palette and a quirky pattern design – this is sausage packaging like you’ve never seen it before.

We’ve said it before on this blog and we’ll say it again: Great design can reinvigorate almost any product category! As long as the brand is brave – design can bring a lot of desirability to products that usually aren’t considered very exciting. Now – just to convince more brands to take more design risks!

Andy Wang – Hiding In The Wrong Place

Andy Wang is an illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada and we love his simplified, cute style. Here, we are looking at his exhibition called ‘Hiding In The Wrong Place’ that highlights foods from around the world, with his little characters hiding well… in the wrong place!

To see more of Wang’s awesome work, have a look at his website here.

Brittany Wright – Food Gradients

Brittany Wright is a food photographer who works in Seattle. We loved this fresh take on food photography where she uses the natural colours of fruit and vegetables to show the range of colour and gradient nature produces.

Great idea, great photography and a new way to look at produce!

Check out more of Wright’s work at her website over here.