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Augarten Wien – Campaign

Porcelain figurines are perhaps not the hottest item on the market right now. This was the problem facing Augarten Wien, a well-respected porcelain company in Vienna who have been making porcelain for hundreds of years. They turned to Jung von Matt to help with this, and in a masterstroke, the agency went with memes as a way to make these figurines relative again.

In terms of understanding culture and how to help your brand be a part of it, we’re sure that it doesn’t get much better than this! Who thought porcelain figurines could be so cool!

Otrivin – Print Campaign

This campaign by Wunderman in Dubai was an easy pick to share on the blog. We love a lot about this work but we wanted to highlight not only the way the creatives took a difficult product benefit and made it easily understandable but also the representation of a woman in a hijab. It’s important that people see representations of themselves and their cultures in advertising and this certainly ticks that box.

The use of illustration here adds a lot of fun and interest to the work and we must say – really helps you to understand how long a pill can take to work, compared to a nose spray. That’s exactly how you take something many people would consider ‘boring’ and make it exciting and appealing through creativity. Perfect!

Greece National Postal Museum – Print Campaign

This is such an engaging campaign by Greek advertising agency Three Squares for the National Postal Museum. Using some imaginative illustration they were able to add some drama and narrative to stamps and the sending of post. What a great way to breathe new life into something most of us probably take for granted.

You can see more of the campaign below.

Farnham Ale – Print Campaign

Great work from lg2 Quebec. It’s not easy to bring to life a concept like ‘bitter’ using only visuals. They’ve done a great job of using both the Farnham Ale product and the product attribute in these cleverly conceived print executions.

Who wouldn’t be a bit bitter if these sorts of things happened to them?

NYC Botanics – Print Campaign

With more and more CBD products becoming available, it leads to new ways to communicate and advertise about the product and its benefits. This work by GSW New York uses some clever photo manipulation and art direction to show the benefits of CBD Oil for pets.

And remember the payoff line: It ain’t reefer. It’s relief.