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Versace – Valentine Film

Such a beautifully art directed and edited film from director Luca Finotti! Inspired by nothing but a T-shirt with the Versace logo on it, this film is the fit perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Check it out below:


Siaya Print Campaign

If you need to advertise an outdoor apparel company there are some standard things you can do – beautiful photographs of mountains, forests and streams or images of people ‘conquering’ the outdoors – but what if you take a different angle on it?

That’s exactly what Brad Advertising did – using the line: Weird things happen when you spend too much time indoors. What a great insight!

Then, to make the idea even more fun, they used a great illustration style and some really ridiculous situations to bring this idea to life.

We love it!

Dairy Farmers of Canada – Print Campaign

Such great art direction in this print campaign by KBS Montreal for the Dairy Farmers of Canada. They’ve taken a fairly simple (and honestly not incredibly exciting) message and turned it into something much more engaging. With the idea that dairy products are a source of protein and therefore can help people get stronger, they created fantastical tableaus using dairy product shapes, with ‘strong’ people using them.

Such a clever answer to this problem!

Regione Lazio – Print Campaign

It’s such a breath of fresh air to see advertising for something like flu vaccines get more creative. This print campaign by Superhumans Rome is such a perfect example. Rather than a serious, boring message about getting the flu vaccination, they take a funnier, more memorable angle on the issue. With the line: Winter is not scary any more, with the flu vaccine, they are able to open up their imagery to include really funny things like a polar bear and a yeti – no longer scaring normal people, as they would before.

Perfect – and great quality on the executions too. They really live up to the idea!

Capital Magazine

Hedeker is a wealth management firm that produces a quarterly publication, which covers important info for investors and potential future customers of the company. The publication, Capital, is a real sight to behold – with great attention paid to type and design which is just spot on.

Another great example of how good design can lift content or information which might be a little dreary for some and elevate it into something engaging and appealing. We love it!