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Nasojet – Print Campaign

It’s not often that you’re tasked to make food like unappealing as an art director, but this campaign by McCann Health Sao Paulo does just that. To advertise Nasojet nose spray, they created this work based on the benefit that when your nose is blocked you can’t taste anything properly. And thanks to some really great art direction, they managed to make all of this food look not tasty at all.

This is such a great example of how a strong benefit can help you crack a really fun concept for a campaign.

New York State – Covid-19 Public Communication Campaign

Usually when you see public service communication, you expect it to look and feel a certain way. Especially when its about something as serious as Covid-19, you might expect sober, clinical looking communication. But the problem is that very often that can end up being wallpaper. Because we as consumers know what that kind of messaging looks and feels like, it can be easy to not pay attention.

That’s exactly why we love this work by TBWA\Chiat\Day for New York State. By being colourful, hand-drawn and high energy it cuts right through the clutter and makes people pay attention.

Canon – First Hugs

It’s interesting to think that we’ve been sharing advertising and communications campaigns about Covid-19 (we’re sharing another later this week), when the next part to communicate about will be the easing of lockdowns across the globe.

This work by Happiness Belgium for Canon documents the first hugs people were able to have after lockdown measures were eased in the country. And we have to admit – we love it! This is such a great way to show the power of photography for a brand like Canon, while capturing a really important cultural moment.

Let’s see how other brands deal with lockdown easing – it’s going to be fascinating!

Nike – For Once, Don’t Do It

Many brands have spoken out about the racial injustice and police brutality we’ve seen in America (and across the world) and many have done really amazing work. Today, we’re sharing this one from Nike, which makes a really strong point purely from its restraint. Using nothing but a black background, text and a great track they make a really hard-hitting piece of communication.

And we agree. For Once, Don’t Do It.

Honda Africa Twin – Art Direction

This is such a fun campaign by DDP Paris for Honda’s Africa Twin motorbike. The Africa Twin is known as an overland bike that can go pretty much anywhere and deal with anything you can throw at it. That’s what makes this campaign so much fun, they turned that idea on its head. Rather than showing it in places you’d expect it, they showed the bike in places where it’s probably never been seen before instead.

Add in some gorgeous photography and you’ve got a great campaign on your hands!

Takeru Toyokura – Posters

Takeru Toyokura is an Osaka based illustrator, designer and artist. Today we’re sharing his work for the Rosavia shopping mall. To tell people about their seasonal sales and promotions, he used his signature style to create really beautiful pieces. He works mostly in felt and paper, which he used to make these posters, then shoots scenes to turn into the final artwork.

What an incredibly painstaking process, but the proof is in the work. It’s so unique and fun you can see that all the hard work is worth it!

You can see more of his work on his Behance profile here.

Or you can visit his website here.

Leya Online Book Store – Campaign

We’ve understandably seen a lot of ‘lockdown’ advertising in the last while, some of it more interesting than others. We chose this campaign to share as we feel it captures such a great benefit to reading and uses art direction so well to bring it to life.

It uses a really simple copy line and idea: Escape the lockdown and, using famous books, shows scenes outside the window from the books themselves. Spot on! Well done to Bar Ogilvy Lisbon for coming up with this!

Heinz – Ketchup Puzzle

We all know how puzzles have suddenly taken on much more importance in our live since the corona virus hit. This work by Rethink Canada for Heinz takes it to the next level with a fiendishly difficult puzzle that is entirely red. Just like Heinz Ketchup. The perfect way to spend a good few hours during lockdown!

Check out the case video below.

‘Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same’ – Microsoft Sam

After sharing examples of how brands are communicating about corona virus last week, we thought we’d show the other side of the coin. How similar they all are!

YouTuber, Microsoft Sam, put together this edit of all the ads that have been made about corona virus by big brands across the world. The scary thing is – how many of these follow almost exactly the same formula, down to the wording, choice of imagery and choice of music.

For an industry that prides itself on creativity, this feels a bit damning!

Check it out below!