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Opel Print Campaign

What a great campaign by Tapsa Y&R Spain. These beautifully illustrated ads bring a simple, but hugely useful benefit to life: Opels are able to recognise traffic signs and help warn you about them. We all know how much we can zone out in the car and think of other things – and these illustrations bring that behaviour to life so well.

A great concept, with a great execution. This is what print is all about!

Discovery Centre – Print Campaign

This campaign by DentsuBos Toronto is so smart and so simple – just the way we like it! With the task of advertising an interactive rock and roll exhibit, they found names of rock bands and personalities who shared names with those of the elements.  Using nothing but copy and smart colour choice – their campaign was done. Perfect.

See if you can get all three of them!

Samsonite – Print Campaign

What a smart campaign by Connelly Partners Boston. For a brand like Samsonite, which manufactures luggage, there are only so many ways you can show suitcases before it becomes wallpaper. Here, they showed what people actually use their Samsonite luggage for, creating emotional connections with the viewer rather than just showing them more product.

Great thinking and beautiful art direction too!

Liomont Analgen Forte – Print Campaign

With great art direction and illustration, this campaign for Liomont Analgen Forte by Publicis Mexico City uses a great insight to inform the look and feel.  When you have a headache, it usually becomes someone else’s problem. Here, they showed how hierarchical structures can be affected when the boss has a headache, with a simple but very clever illustrative device. Eventually, the boss’s headache becomes everyone else’s problem.

Great work!

Smorgasbord – Rebranding Wales

How do you go about rebranding an entire country? What an incredible challenge to be given! This is just the mountain that design studio Smörgåsbord had to climb, when they were tasked to create a new identity for the country of Wales. With a new logo, new typeface, great editorial design and some incredibly art-directed films, you can see that rebranding a country with as much as history as Wales is no joke.

Please do take the time to recognise just how much work into this amazing project. It really gets us thinking what could be done here in South Africa, were we to engage in a full-on rebrand of all our design. It could be incredible!