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Pantone – Print Campaign

What a powerful campaign by TBWA France! Using some smart photo manipulation they showed the power of colour – perfectly in line with what Pantone offers.

We love this – it feels like these ads could be printed out as posters and framed. Perfect!

McDonald's Big Mac with Bacon – Print Campaign

Is ‘artvertising’ a thing yet? We think it could be!

This work by Nord DDB takes classic pieces of art we all recognise and adds bacon. Not just for the sake of it, although that would be quite interesting, but to point out that McDonald’s in Sweden is now offering the Big Mac with bacon, a different type of classic than these masterpieces, but a classic nonetheless.

Check out more of the executions below!

Acnomel – Print

Who said good advertising couldn’t be just absolutely gross?

This piece by SS Amsterdam Brand Partners from Peru goes all out on the gross factor with this print execution for Acnomel. It encourages people with acne to stop hurting themselves by trying to squeeze their pimples and rather to use Acnomel instead.

It certainly gets its point across!

Burger King – Whopper of a Secret

Burger King is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to their advertising, and their fun, irreverent voice is always interesting. Their agency in the UK, BBH, brought this to life in the most amazing way – photographing Big Mac hamburgers behind every single Whopper they photographed throughout the year, proving that the Big Mac was indeed ‘smaller’ than the Whopper.

Have a look at the case video below – this is brilliant!

German Police and Emergency Services – Print Campaign

This work by fischerAppelt for the German Police and Emergency Services takes a fairly stuffy subject and makes it interesting, using illustration and a bit of a Christmas spirit. To remind people that the emergency services and the police are always there for them, even during the festive season, this campaign uses quirky festive season moments in a cute illustration style.

Iaso Children's Hospital – Print Campaign

This work by Ogilvy Athens uses illustration to a great effect. The campaign is for a children’s hospital; encouraging parents to have their children go for regular checkups so that their kids can live out their dreams while remaining healthy. To show what that looks like, the agency used illustration and then looked at three different seasons and all the things kids could get up to.

We love it!