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Lectura Bookstore – Print Campaign

This is an interesting campaign for a bookstore in Bolivia by Ogilvy La Paz. Based on the insight that reading a good book is like going on a holiday or travelling, they shot these passports with stamps representing all the books you can read.

So clever!


Social-Bee – Print Campaign

Smart thinking with a conscience! This campaign by Jung von Matt for Social-Bee encourages people to think differently about refugees and to give them a chance when it comes to hiring for jobs. We love how they found real stories of incredibly famous people who also happened to be refugees, to remind us all that everyone has potential and value!

Digi-Gal – Selfridges Campaign

This work by Digi-Gal for Selfridges is at the forefront of fashion, multimedia and art direction. To launch a new collection for Selfridges, Digi-Gal painstakingly rendered the garments in 3D and then animated them in surrealist digital landscapes.

This is absolutely incredible! To see the animations themselves, please do visit the Selfridges site here.

Balagan – Print Campaign

This campaign by Addict Israel for the Balagan kids’ play park is so much fun. Rather than show images of the park, they used illustration to let the viewer experience what it feels like to be there. We love this choice! It’s such a great example of how illustration can be used to really good effect when it comes to advertising.

It doesn’t always have to be photography!

City of Sao Paulo – Print Campaign

This hard-hitting campaign by Lua Propaganda for the City of Sao Paulo uses beautiful photography to make its point. We see incredible portraits of street people along with a message exhorting people to call a hotline and help people they see out in the cold.

This is spot on!

Primark – Giant Shopping Bags

What a fun campaign by Sleek Machine for Primark in the USA! For the relaunch of the flagship store, they created huge, oversized Primark shopping bags for effect in the mall, then shot the interventions as well. This creates some beautiful brand content and ads just like we’ve shared here. And in terms of concept – the idea that you can get so much from Primark because of its low prices is just perfect.