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Michelin Print Campaign

There’s something to be said for a brand so well known that advertising it doesn’t even require a logo. It’s a bold move, but it’s definitely a memorable one!

This work by TBWA\CHIAT\DAY New York does just that. Using the recognisable hands of the Michelin man, this print campaign shows how Michelin tyres can help keep you on the road.

We love it!


Havaianas – Made of Brazilian Summer

Havaianas is such a fun brand to work on. With colour, happiness and the essence of ‘Brazil’ in their brand DNA, it’s a license to really go out there and make bold, fun ads.

These print ads by AlmapBBDO Brazil are no exception. They’re bright, fun and exciting and best of all – they really capture the joy of Havaianas flip flops!

(On that note, can it be summer yet?)

Gold’s Gym – Print Campaign

These seemingly simple print ads for Gold’s Gym by RG2 Venezuela¬†tell a great story using a repeating pattern that slowly changes over time. This indicates that it’s a journey towards health and fitness, rather than a singular destination or that there’s some kind of quick fix. Over a period of ‘time’ we see the body silhouettes slowly change until they reach their ‘goal’ form, with the Gold’s Gym logo in the bottom right hand corner.

So smart!

Compral – Print Campaign

When you’ve got a really powerful headache, it can feel like the world is going to end. The pain is just so much it almost defies explanation. Joe Public did a great job here, turning the idea around and finding metaphors that feel like the worst headache you’ve head – positioning Compral as the medication of choice when you’ve got a serious headache.

So, before it ‘bursts into flame’, don’t forget to take a Compral!