Monthly Archives: May 2014

Daniel Naude – Sightings of the Sacred Cattle

Daniel Naude is a young South African photographer with a keen eye and a strong sense of composition. In these, his latest works, he investigates sacred cattle from across the world. Not only are these images illuminating in that we do not often see cattle that are so majestic, but they also make us rethink the way we connect with cattle.

Beautiful, beautiful images.

For more information on Daniel Naude, have a look at his page here.

Meryem Meg

Meryem Meg is an illustrator with Algerian / Bulgarian heritage, currently residing in London. Seeing her unique style, inspired by North African geometry is a breath of fresh air. We love the stark forms and intricate detail – great work.

We can’t wait to see more from this young talent!


To see more of Meryem Meg’s work, check it out here.

Major Lazer feat Pharrell – Aerosol Can

We love Pharrell. You love Pharrell. Everyone loves Pharrell.

What we especially love though, is this new video for Major Lazer, featuring Pharell on vocals and none other than Mike Giant providing the lettering.

If you don’t know who Mike Giant is, we suggest you check out his website here, immediately. He is a fine artist, designer and tattooer and his work is both impeccable and incredibly influential.

As an example of both expressive type design and typesetting, this video is a masterclass. It’s also just really fun. Check it out below!

Making Pictures – Cape Town

Jeremy Deputat is a photographer and art director who specialises in Hip Hop photography. He was recently in Cape Town when Eminem performed earlier this year and, as photographers do, he took some pictures.

We love the way that seeing your city through someone else’s eyes can make you see things in a totally different way – definitely made us see our city in a new light.

For more of Deputat’s work, check out his website here.

And to get the full experience of his work in Cape Town (with his own commentary and words) check out this blogpost over here.