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Coca Cola – Taste The Feeling

Wow! These are amazing! Memac Ogilvy created these incredible print ads for Coca-Cola, which if you look closely use crowd shots that look almost exactly like the bubbles in Coke!

So smart!



Coca Cola Cans – Vietnam

We love a reimagining or redesign of a classic brand and this work by Ki Saigon for Coca Cola in Vietnam falls firmly into that category! With design inspired by the lunar new year, these Coke cans are not only absolutely beautiful but also undeniably Vietnamese.

So great! And so pretty!

Coke 100th Anniversary Campaign

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Coke is pulling out all the stops. It begins with 15 ads that will be flighted globally, with big name directors and actors getting involved.

Here, an ad directed by David LaChapelle:

We love this animated one too:

What we’re very excited about though, is what’s being called Mashup Coke, where designers have been tasked to interpret the Coke brand in their own way, with one proviso: They are only allowed to use the official Coke Red, Black and White. Nothing else. You can check out the instagram account for the campaign here. But do also have a look at the artworks here at this slide show.

And below, check out the Contour 100 Mashup Art Film.