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Kgalagadi Wines – Packaging

This work by Mark Studio for Kgalagadi Collection wines is gorgeous! Designed as a collection of wines for a series of luxury guest camps in the region, we can see how having a few glasses of these wines could make a stay in the Kgalagadi even more spectacular!


Stellenbosch Academy Alumnus Works On Awesome Wine Labels

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing our alumni go out and create awesome work out there in the world! This work by Ashton Winkworth is no exception. She works at G2 Design in Stellenbosch, which created these amazing typography-driven wine labels. We love how the design of the type itself represents the meaning of the word! We sense a possible design brief for our students coming up…

Ashton created the ‘Aquiver’ label you see above! Well done!

You can see more of her work on her Behance profile here.

And do check out Rascallion wines here.

Chanyin Millet Wine – Packaging

What a beautiful piece of packaging by Lingyun Creative! We love seeing how other cultures and countries can apply traditional craftsmanship, art and illustration to create designs that we otherwise wouldn’t see here in South Africa.

A product like millet wine is such a good example. It’s not something we’ve ever really encountered, and to see how a traditional drink in the East can be reimagined for a modern audience is incredibly exciting.

We just wish we could have a taste!

Alchimia de los Andes – Packaging

What a fun design and illustration for this wine from Argentina by Zarate Insa. With a label inspired by a story of how the head winemaker fell into a trance and was driven to create a red blend like no other, this awesome illustration calls on old-school horror movie posters. From the illustration style through to the typography and the layout of the design itself – this is just spot on.

Send us a bottle!

No Wine No See – Packaging

This wine packaging from Taipei is such a great breath of fresh air. Here in SA we are so used to what wine is ‘supposed’ to look like, that when you see it represented in a new way it really makes you rethink how we consider wine design. For us wine (almost) always comes in a 750 ml bottle and is all about heritage and terroir. We want to know which farm made the wine, under what conditions. We want to see a label that indicates mastery and trust.

But what about wine labels that are a bit more loose? A bit more fun and inviting? These are questions that Nio Ni, the designer asked, and answered really well. Here we see a fun, illustrative set of wine labels that change the way we see the category.

It just goes to show, in the world of design and branding, there is definitely more than one way to skin a cat!

Chateau Paquita Wine Packaging

As you may have guessed, being based in Stellenbosch, we are big fans of wine and wine label design. We loved this work by Enserio for a Spanish wine label – Chateau Paquita.

As this wine is produced in Mallorca, a tourist destination, it made perfect sense to transform the wine label into a postcard people can personalise. What a great way to bring something back for someone at home and what a beautiful, simple, clever idea.

Strange how all the best ideas seem to be beautiful, simple and clever…

For more of Enserio’s work, have a look at their website here.

Mr. P (He Knows) Wine Label

Cassandra Leigh is a young illustrator and designer working out of Cape Town, and she recently finished this wine label and packaging for Mr. P.

It’s great to see local wine labels and wineries thinking outside the proverbial box when it comes to wine label packaging. In an increasingly competitive market, having great impact on the shelf is a surefire way to get your brand noticed and hopefully – bought.

For more of Cassandra’s work, check out her Behance profile here