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Student Goldpack Awards – Two Finalists!

What a great week – even more good news! We’ve just received the news that Daryl Surtees and Taskeen Osman were awarded finalists for the Student Gold Pack Awards.

To learn more about the Student Gold Pack Awards, check out their website here.


TicTac – Dia de los Muertos

It’s always a lot of fun to see brands take on seasonal changes in their design to offer something a little different or interesting to their consumers. This work by 121 does just that, in such a fun way.

In Mexico, the day of the dead or Dia de los Muertos is a celebration of those no longer with us, similar to Halloween, but with a very defined aesthetic. To celebrate that, 121 helped TicTac create a seasonal variant in Mexico, with skulls printed directly onto the TicTacs themselves. This ‘sugar skull’ design was also applied to the labelling on the packaging itself.

We love it!

Adamo – Packaging and Product Design

When we saw this project we just had to share it! Adamo is a Hungarian company that makes baby swings and hammocks for kids. They paired up with design studio Classmate Studio, who did the packaging for these products – creating an offering that is just incredible from start to finish.

The products themselves are beautifully designed and considered and the packaging is absolutely top notch. Who said design for babies and children couldn’t be innocent, fun and considered all at the same time?

Student Gold Pack Awards

We’ve just heard that two of our students were named as finalists for the Student Gold Pack Awards 2018. What a great way to start the week!




Itchy Lice Treatment Kit

Daryl Surtees, a 3rd year Graphic Design student, created the packaging for a Hair Grooming Kit that treats the undesired lice on children’s heads. She made a concerted effort to create a kit with natural ingredients opposed to chemical ingredients. This more holistic approach was spurred by an article in which a mother sprayed insect repellent onto a child’s head and consequently the child succumbed from repellent poisoning.

Daryl also identified that the comprehensive treatment process would include having to use multiple products and to make this process hassle free she combined all the products into one convenient easy-to-use innovative pack.



Bloom Infused Sparkling Water

Taskeen Osman, a 2nd year Graphic Design student, designed a new approach to bottled water. Taskeen’s approach was to use water infused with edible herbs and plants containing the health benefits of each plant. The name BLOOM was chosen while she was looking for a synonym for “refresh”. Bloom captured her attention as it can be defined as more than just “a state of flowering”. The word as a verb, means to come into or be in full beauty or health; to flourish. Bio-degradable plastic as material was used for the bottle, this is recyclable, reusable and also compostable. The bottle cap is manufactured from PET plastic, as it is PVC-free and can therefore be recycled.


To learn more about the Student Gold Pack Awards, you can visit their website here.

Good luck Daryl and Taskeen!

Made Coffee – Packaging

Coldbrew coffee is an interesting subcategory inside ‘coffee design’, where designers are able to apply their work to different substrates and shapes. Here, Break Maiden have done a great job for Made Coffee, a Florida-based cannery, creating a design that captures the feeling of being in Florida. Perfect for those warm days when nothing but a coldbrew coffee will hit the spot!

Pack’d – Packaging

A smart idea requires a smart design and in this case – we have both! Pack’d is a Belgian supplement company that takes the guesswork out of vitamins and health supplements. With individual packs for your ‘dawn’ and ‘dusk’ tablets (with designs to match) Pack’d offers a much more foolproof way to supplement well.

Using dawn and dusk as inspiration, we can see how designer Davy Dooms has created a really solid piece of design here that not only meets the brief in terms of functionality and usability, but looks great too!