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Fawen Soup – Packaging

An on-the-go chilled soup that doesn’t need to be consumed warm is an interesting proposition and somewhat of a new category of products. We’ve seen cans, ‘warm at home’ pre-made soups, powders and any number of other iterations, but not chilled soups like this before.

When trying to start a fairly unique category, what exactly do you do? How do you launch in such a way that consumers really notice your brand and understand what it is quickly, so that you can be part of that all-important decision when they’re standing in front of the fridge at the store?

You turn to an agency like Franklin11 of course. They designed these beautiful package ideas for the range, which bring to life the quality of the ingredients all the while showing the potential user that they are convenient and easy to use.



Lyle’s Golden Syrup – Packaging

This is such a fun, seasonal piece of packaging work for Lyle’s Golden Syrup by Design Bridge. With Pancake Day approaching (aka Shrove Tuesday should you wish to be more correct / old-school), Lyle’s Golden Syrup wanted people to realise that they could be making pancakes more often. Of course – if you make pancakes more often, you need more Lyle’s Golden Syrup. A rather smart sales idea!

Again we’re seeing an interesting reimagining of a heritage brand and we must admit – we love it! With a name change: Flippin’ Good Pancakes, through to illustration elements that bring to mind the making of pancakes (spatula patterns, lemon wedge designs) as well as some rather… punny… copy on the pack – it doesn’t get any sweeter.

Gryadka – Packaging

How do you depict ethical farming, hard work and dedication to doing things properly purely through packaging and design choices? This is the dilemma that the Russian design agency Ragordost was wrestling with when faced with helping design an identity and packaging concept for Gryadka, an ethical meat supplier.

Using a hand-drawn illustration style and a clever ‘shadow animal’ motif, they were able to show the effort and care that went into rearing and butchering this meat. The idea being – seeing the ‘hands of the farmer’ would help you as an end-user understand the effort that has gone into these products. This warm, homely hand-drawn illustration style extends to the the flip side of the packaging too, featuring portraits of farmers and stories about them and their philosophies. We even see maps of just where the animals are reared.

While at first one may not think that shadow puppets are not entirely relevant to organic / ethical meat – we can see that this solution is almost perfect. Ragordost were able to really bring to life the ethos of the company, purely through design. From where we stand, that looks like genius!

Fiasco Gelato – Packaging

It’s not often you see ice cream packaged in a mason jar. But what a difference it makes! These limited edition flavours for Fiasco Gelato (Chocolate Peppermint, Classic Eggnog, Cranberry & Pear and Sticky Toffee Pudding) are not just incredibly delicious-sounding, but also packaged beautifully. Each label design, by Ayra Peredo, features a recognisable Canadian animal that consumers can connect with along with the brand colours of Fiasco.

Now if only we could get some of these to South Africa without the ice cream melting!

Rodnaya Priroda – Package Design

The design for Rodnaya Priroda dairy products, a Russian brand, by BRANDEXPERT The Freedom Island takes homely design and illustration techniques that we all recognise from familiar crockery, then applies that same design to the brand’s packaging. We see gorgeous foliage, a butterfly and even a dragon fly on the packaging – something we may not expect to see on traditional dairy packaging.

After seeing this though, how could you not reach out for a bottle and take it home? Regardless of what’s inside this packaging, it looks like it will not only taste great but also remind you of a time when things were just a little bit simpler and happier!


Thinking Tree – Packaging Design

What a great design by Hired Guns Creative for Thinking Tree Spirits! This brand is inspired by a folktale where a tree is given the ability to think, and we can see a number of callbacks to this story in the design – from the leaves to the birds, worms and butterflies. We also see a lot of influence from baroque mirrors and other ornate almost art nouveau stylings, which we must admit we always love.

Something tells us that this is the kind of bottle you could spend hours staring at while you sit at a table, slowly imbibing its contents!

Have a look at the details below!

Farnham Ale Packaging

This work by lg2boutique takes the category of craft beer (something we’ve featured many times on this blog) and turns it on its head. Craft beer is always a good place to look for great design, because people are willing to take more risks. There’s more room to try something a little bit out there. Which is exactly why this packaging stood out to us.

Rather than being over the top, this design is all about radical restraint and minimalism. With a minimal colour palette and the utmost simplicity, this design creates enormous impact. Building from the fact that this beer has strong citrus notes, we see how this translates into a perfect answer to the question of striking packaging. It is not always necessary to be over the top and exuberant – sometimes less truly is more!