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Kinder Bueno – Adulting

Such a fun spot by TMW London! With art direction that is just spot on – from the colour palette through to the set design and a great script; this is the kind of fun advert that can actually bring a smile to your face, instead of just interrupting what you were doing and demanding you buy something.

We love the wry take on adult life, with honest stories about how we all let things slide, coupled with the positioning of Kinder Bueno as a reward for doing all these boring adult things. Perfect!


San Diego Zoo – Africa Rocks

What a cool way to advertise a zoo! We’re so used to traditional communication with wildlife photography and other cliches, why not throw it all on its head?

This work by M&C Saatchi Los Angeles takes African animals and turns them into a crazy psychedelic experience, told with great colour choice and some funky illustrations. Have a look at the film below.

Sonnet – Balloon

We’re so used to insurance ads that try and sell us on fear. That’s why you get insurance, right? To deal with the bad times?

But what if an insurance company turned that all around and looked at it from the other side? What if insurance could be all about things going right instead of going wrong? This super fun TV spot from Johannes Leonardo asks that very question. Check it out below!

Ariel – Why is laundry only a mother’s job?

Washing powder is somewhat of a trope in advertising circles. It makes your whites whiter than white and it’s been a staple of advertising for decades. In fact – the reason we call soap operas, ‘soap operas’ is because washing powders back in the good old days would sponsor dramatic television shows aimed at females.

But it’s 2016 now.

This piece from Ariel challenges what it means to be a woman in 2016 and how household responsibilities should be shared between males and females. While this was made in India (another emerging economy) we feel that something like this could be just as relevant here in South Africa.

Not only is this execution put together well and emotionally engaging, it is also a really brave piece of work. Ariel is now becoming a brand with a real purpose. It’s very easy to just show before and after shots of shirts with stains on them, but Ariel asked a really important question here: What if our washing powder could stand for something?

Fearless, bold work. Well done to the whole team behind this!

Kenzo World – Film

Perfume adverts offer such great opportunities for creating ads that really have no boundaries. It makes sense if you think about it – you can’t smell a fragrance through a film, but you can bring to life an idea or a feeling that is inspired by the fragrance. Sometimes these can end up a little insipid (famous actress walking through a city / ballroom / forest with a slow-motion kind of feel) but very often we get something truly out there.

This piece, directed by Spike Jonze, for Kenzo World is most definitely one of those that took advantage of the freedom of perfume advertising. This takes the way we traditionally think about perfume advertising and really turns it on its head. Added to this, because this is appearing online, Jonze isn’t limited in time to 30 seconds or 1 minute – he has the space to tell the story he wants to.

We open in a similar way to what we would expect – a beautiful woman in some kind of ball room, but something’s wrong. She looks a bit uneasy and we quickly notice that we can’t really hear what the people are saying around her. She gets up and then…


You’ll have to watch below to find out what happens!

Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah and Juan

Got your tissues ready?

There’s something about the way that film advertisements can get the viewer emotionally invested in a story in such a short amount of time. This piece for Extra Gum is no exception. It tells the story of Sarah and Juan and in no more than two minutes, it creates a strong emotional response in the viewer. From the story itself through to the art direction and the way the story is told (watch out for the gum wrappers), this is a perfect example of advertising at its best.

Short, punchy, emotional and beautifully told. This is the type of work you could hope to do one day if you study Art Direction with us at the Academy.

Have a look below (and don’t forget the tissues!)

Rodney Mullen – Liminal

Rodney Mullen is a skateboarder who has been innovating and pushing the boundaries for years, not only in his tricks and the way he skates but also in the ways he presents his work. Today we’re sharing his first new skate video in years. It’s called Liminal.

Not only is the skateboarding absolutely breathtaking, the video itself is shot in 360 degrees, and we see the camera move around Mullen’s body as he’s doing his thing in ways we couldn’t even imagine. Even if you’re not the biggest skateboarding fan – just seeing how the art direction and camera work is done here is inspiring enough. It’s enough to make you salivate!

Check it out below and remember: Do NOT try this at home!