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John Lewis – Christmas 2019

John Lewis Christmas ads are something of an institution in the UK. They’re always big budget spectacles that come out early in the season, to really kick off the Christmas spirit. 2019’s example is no exception, telling the moving story of a little girl and her dragon.

We especially love how this entire story was able to be told with no dialogue whatsoever – such a clever way to make the emotional beats of the story even more poignant. Good news: You probably won’t need tissues for this one… but you never know!

F I S S U R E – Our 3rd Year Multimedia Project

We are very proud to share our 3rd Year Multimedia Students’ short film project, entitled F I S S U R E. The official credits and release follow below:

FigJam Productions in association with The Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography presents:



A suspicious man follows an unknowing victim through his every day movements hoping to assume his identity and take control of his life.

Produced entirely by students from The Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography as part of their course work in fulfilment of the BA Visual Communications Degree – Specialising in Multimedia. 

2019 ©FigJam Productions and the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography. All rights reserved.

We wish to thanks all our sponsors and contributors who made this production a reality:

– Oasis Water, Stellenbosch (www.oasiswater.co.za)

– Pleeko Print Studio (www.pleeko.co.za)

– KWV Wines and Spirits (www.kwv.co.za)

– Printlab, Stellenbosch (www.printlabstellenbosch.com)

– Gordons Bay Security (www.gbsec.co.za)

– MountWave Music (www.mountwavemusic.com)

– Abang Africa Travel (www.abangafrica.com)

– Acumen Capital (www.acumencapital.co.za)

– TasteLab (www.tastelab.co.za/secco/)

– Vermont Vergin Alcohol – Free Gin (www.verginsa.co.za)

– Bartinney Wine and Champagne Bar, Stellenbosch (www.bartinney.co.za)

– Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography (www.stellenboschacademy.co.za)

Miro Denck – Design

Miro Denck is a German renaissance man in the visual field with skills in art direction, design, illustration and photography. Today, we’re sharing some of the movie posters he has created for a local cinema, Wolf Kino – an incredible opportunity to visually represent film in a very artistic, design forward way. These are not your typical blockbuster movie posters, rather – these are pieces of high quality European design.

We love them!

You can visit Denck’s site here, to see more of his work.

Pornhub – BeeSexual

Pornhub as a brand has never been shy to advertise and get itself out there. This new campaign they’ve created to save the bees is no different! To help save the bees, they created an entire section of their website dedicated to films of bees. For every film that gets watched, Pornhub will donate to charities that will help save the bees.

This video they created does such a good of explaining their thinking and how the project will work. Have a watch below. And don’t worry – it’s all Safe For Work!

Tinder – The Invention of Together

What a fun film! This piece by Buck for Tinder takes a cute look at human connection throughout the ages and makes the case that Tinder can help us reconnect with each other romantically without the strictures of decorum, social class and other things that have gotten in the way over the years.

We love the message and we especially love the art direction on this film. The soft, hand-made look is just spot on and the details included in this film are incredible. 

Check it out below!