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Riso D’uomo – Packaging

What incredible work by Here Design for Riso D’uomo, an Italian rice brand! This package design is inspired by old cathedral tiles from the Duomo in Milan, because the fields where this rice is grown can be seen from the Duomo itself.

With packaging this beautiful, there’s no need to have a cupboard! This is the kind of thing you want on show in your kitchen. It shows again just how important good design can be and how it can elevate something as (admittedly) boring as rice to an incredibly desirable object.



Moschino Fresh

Moschino’s new fragrance, Fresh, has a really exciting bottle design that we had to share. In the world of high fashion fragrances, you expect over the top bottles or perhaps understated elegance, but not a riff on cleaning products!

It’s interesting to note that Jeremy Scott is behind this and if you know any of the work he’s done for adidas in the past you’ll recognise his playful style. Described as having top notes of Mandarin, Ylang-ylang and bergamot, this is sure to be well… Fresh!

This is such a perfect example of how design extends beyond ‘simple’ flat packaging and boxes and becomes about the full concept of a product.

If you’ve got a bottle already, let us know if it lives up to the design hype!

The Camden Watch Company

We love stories of designers taking things into their own hands and realising: Hey! I can do this myself! This is the case with AMS Design Studio, from London. They’re an ‘award-winning design and development studio specialising in watches, jewellery, homeware and accessories,’ and we can see just how they have done so well.

Their newest range, inspired by Camden in London, is a set of three watches, each named after a bus route that runs through the borough of Camden. We love the attention to detail in the product as well as the package design and looking at the prices too, we wish that we could get watches of this calibre for similar prices here in South Africa. 

Any designers out there will to take the plunge?

For more on the Camden Watch Company, have a look at their website over here.

Smartmouth Brewing Company

We’re loving the craft beer revolution we’re currently seeing in SA and across the globe, not only because we love a good craft beer (and who doesn’t) but because it gives us a chance to see a number of new designs in the market that we never would have seen before. 

Whereas traditional beer brands are, well… traditional and employ bold, simplistic graphics on their designs – we’ve seen a range of craft beers that really push the boundaries of packaging design. They can be quirky, serious, artistic or just downright weird – and we love them all!

Today we present to you the packaging for new cans from the Smartmouth Brewing Company. Based in Virginia, USA – they produce a number of styles to suit a number of tastes. What they did with this packaging, thanks to design input from The Meridian Group was tell the story of the beers themselves, incorporating some brewing science, tasting notes and a whole lot of personal anecdotes of how the beers were made. 

We love these cans. Great work, now we just wish we could get them here in South Africa!

No Hatch Eggs

Ash Rourke is a designer from New Zealand who specialises in Graphic Design, Advertising and Illustration. We came across her environmentally friendly redesign of egg packaging and we had to share it.

Call us suckers for egg packaging (we featured another redesign here last year) but we love the idea of taking something we all take for granted and using design thinking to make it better. Nothing gets us more excited.

Check out Ash Rourke’s Behance profile here for more great work.

Colgate Redesign

We love clever student work. Perhaps we’re a little biased (we know ours are the best) but there’s something about the freedom of thinking that being a student affords you that allows you to think big. This is what Nicole Pannuzzo (a student at Arizona State University) did, when she looked at how better the Colgate toothpaste tube could be designed, not only from an aesthetic perspective but also from a waste and usability perspective. We must say, as a school obsessed with process, we certainly approve of seeing how many iterations she went through to come to the final design. It’s the only way to get there!

Inspired by origami, Pannuzzo found an entirely new way to imagine what a toothpaste tube could be – and honestly, it’s very impressive. You know that an idea is good when it’s so blindingly obvious, so simple. This has it all. It just looks so cool too!

For more of Pannuzzo’s inspiring work, have a look at her website over here.