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Made Coffee – Packaging

Coldbrew coffee is an interesting subcategory inside ‘coffee design’, where designers are able to apply their work to different substrates and shapes. Here, Break Maiden have done a great job for Made Coffee, a Florida-based cannery, creating a design that captures the feeling of being in Florida. Perfect for those warm days when nothing but a coldbrew coffee will hit the spot!


Bandido Coffee Packaging

We can’t get enough of the cleverness and simplicity that went into this packaging for Bandido Coffee by Magpie Studio. From the use of the B as the mask a Bandit would wear through to really smart ideas about loyalty cards and even business cards – this ID is spot on!

Check out more of it below.

Yield French Press

Here’s one for the minimalist fans out there! This French Press by Yield, an American design company, uses just what it needs – in both the product and packaging design. We especially love how the minimal design aesthetic runs through the entire project – from the beautiful form of the French Press itself to the minimal, foiled pack.

With something this beautiful, it’s hard to tell whether you should keep the French Press on display or leave it in its packaging!

Biji Coffee Packaging

We love this work for Biji Coffee, a Russian coffee company, by Apus Agency. What we like specifically is the clever use of illustration to bring the producers of the coffee to life. As a consumer now, it’s important to know where your goods come from and this approach – illustrating the people who produce the coffee and putting them on the packaging.

Not only does this help the consumer to see where their coffee comes from and help them to create an emotional bond to the Biji brand, it also helps them feel that they are doing something good for the people on the other end of the value chain.

(And don’t you just

love the coffee bean crown motif?)

This is how design can change the world!

Kërning Coffee

Kërning Coffee is something we had to share as soon as we heard about it. Described as a coffee, ‘for designers and people interested in art’, the packaging is inspired and very similar in fact to some of the briefs we give our students here at the academy.

These were designed by Isabela Rodrigues, of A Sweety Branding Studio – we do recommend you have a look at her website for some more amazing design work, fresh out of Brazil.

Now who wants coffee?