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Lacoste x Save Our Species

We love seeing big brands do good and this campaign by Lacoste in collaboration with Save Our Species is just spot on.

In order to raise both awareness and funds for Save Our Species, Lacoste did the unthinkable – they removed their crocodile from their iconic golf shirts and replaced it with 10 threatened species from around the world.

And the really smart part? Each run of shirts with that specific animal on it, is the exact same amount of those animals left alive in the wild.

Check out the video below!


Longfonds – Hold your breath for charity

It’s always so exciting to see new ways that brands and NGOs are encouraging people to do the right thing and be more responsible about social causes and charities. This initiative and accompanying site from Longfonds, a Dutch charity, show us how fun doing the right thing can be if we apply creativity.

Here, people are encouraged to hold their breath and donate money based on how long they could hold their breath for. The money then goes to a lung charity to help those in need.

Sadly we can’t take part here in SA, but we can look at the videos of people trying their hardest to hold their breath, which to be honest is funnier than you would think!

Check out the site here.

Robin Wood – Print

Such incredible photo manipulation here by Grabarz und Partner, an agency based in Hamburg, Germany. This work is for Robin Wood, a German environmental advocacy group that specialises in raising awareness about the loss of environment.

Built from the line: Destroying nature is destroying life, these executions blend well-known animals facing environmental stress with imagery of the devastation their habitats are facing.

Powerful and moving – these really make you think!





Student Work – #Respek

We love seeing how design can do good and this project which we set as a challenge to our students shows just how much we can do as the design industry for the good of our planet.

The Brief: Our students were required to collaborate with each other in groups and to create an effective visual communication campaign for our clients.

The Client: 

10 000 Trees

This project was developed from Peter Shrimpton’s Heart Capital-campaign (that aims to develop local businesses in and around Kayamandi in Stellenbosch). The purpose of the project is to convince business leaders in Technopark to invest in planting Spekboom trees in the area to reduce their carbon footprint. Why? A Spekboom absorbs ten times more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other tree and at the same time is an indigenous plant.

The goal of this project is to plant 10 000 trees by the end of the year to reduce the carbon footprint of the whole business park. Money for the trees will also go back to the people of Kayamandi by giving them business opportunities as “Spekboom-farmers”.

The Solution:

Our winning team produce an amazing corporate identity and communications campaign to encourage local businesses in Techno Park to get involved in the project and we are incredibly proud. The work looks amazing.

So… let’s get planting!

Freedom Tattoos

This initiative by ISOBAR Poland (they have local offices too, so do check them out here) is really one of the most innovative uses of design to tangibly help people’s lives we have seen.

The idea is so simple and yet so powerful: Helping people with crude, stigmatising tattoos that they got in juvenile detention centres or prisons to get new, better-designed (and much higher quality) tattoos to cover them up, so they can be better accepted into society. We all know that prison tattoos can mark people for life and seeing an idea like this is really heart-warming. What a great, great idea!

To learn more about the initiative, check out this link right over here.

Surprising Monsters Calling Home

Giving a small Indie band a big break is not something you expect a car company to do, but this year – Honda threw us all for a loop!

After seeing how the band Monsters Calling Home recorded an entire music video in their Honda van, Honda decided to surprise them with an opportunity they never would have expected.

This is the kind of advertising we like – brands spending their money on doing good for their consumers, giving back and rewarding them for being loyal. We don’t want to spoil the ending for you, so check out the music video below!


Midttrafik – Bus

This ad from Midttrafik in Denmark shows how reframing an idea we take for granted can have amazing results and encourage shareability.

We all know how great public transport is, in theory. We know it saves money and cuts down on harmful exhaust emissions, we know that if enough of us used public transport that traffic would be cut down too – but often those great ideas don’t happen in the real world. And let’s be honest – buses aren’t the coolest things to be seen in, or to use.

So, how do you reframe what buses are? How do you make them cool and encourage people to use them? You can appeal to their heartstrings, you can present them with the facts or you can take this route – create something funny, memorable and shareable.

The ad you’ll see below takes buses and makes them into something anyone would want to use. Using tried and tested Hollywood tropes, it makes buses hard to ignore and offers a tongue-in-cheek look at a mode of public transport most people would rather forget about.