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Oto Nove – Website

This simple website for a Swiss music festival in London is more than meets the eye. The festival itself is all about experimental music and when you move your cursor over the poster, you’ll notice that sounds emerge from the site itself. It doesn’t get more experimental than that!

Have a go below – and see how experimental you can get!

Visit the website here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 18.50.07

Patagonia – Bears Ears Website

This interactive site from Patagonia speaks to a core brand value – looking after the earth and not doing any harm. Using amazing photography, immersive 360 degree experiences and a great story, this project from Patagonia aims to help the Bears Ears region in Utah.

We do suggest you spend some time looking through the site and learning more.

Check it out here.

Orange – Happy 2017

We really love this site by Merci-Michel for Orange France. It’s goal is simple and perfectly executed – to wish people a happy 2017 and offer them a fun, interactive experience. With high-quality, detailed illustrations and a load of hidden animations to uncover, this is a great distraction for a work day, all the while being exposed to Orange’s brand.

What more could you ask for?

Check out the site here.

Adidas ZX Flux Website

We’ve mentioned before how the traditionally static medium of the ‘flyer’ or ‘catalogue’ has now found a new life online. We’re no longer limited by flimsy paper and whether someone opens their letter box or pulls our work out of a newspaper or magazine.

We can now create interactive, media rich brand experiences that really bring product and brand to life. This was done so well here by adidas UK for their ZX Flux range, which incorporates great design, smart moving imagery and a some snazzy multimedia work that brings the entire website alive – (you’ll see it when you get there!).

Check out the site here.

Lexus RX House

They say that getting someone sitting down in a car for a test drive is 80% of a sale done. But the big question is – how can you get them closer and closer to making that decision? This interactive website for the new Lexus RX does a great job of answering that question. It allows users to truly interact with the car as if they were right in front of it – something we could never have imagined doing online just a few years ago.

If you start thinking about Virtual Reality and how much further this idea can be taken, being involved in multimedia design is one of the most exciting fields in branding. The sky truly is the limit.

Visit the website here… and try not to book a test drive!

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 14.35.54

Inside BIFF

The Busan International Film Festival built an amazing website to showcase their event and we are so excited to share it. They created a fully immersive interactive experience that was all captured on the night of the event and went live immediately.

Such a great use of Google’s technology – and loads of fun to investigate and play with.

Have look at it and get your front row seats to the Busan International Film Festival right here!
Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 14.20.06

Portfolio Sites

We just saw a great post on Creative Bloq that you must have a look at. It highlights some interesting ways to present your portfolio website as a designer, and we pulled some of what we thought were the best ones to share here.

For us, one of the most important things our students do is build a portfolio of work. This is the best way to find that dream job as a new graduate. Not only does it show your skills and talents, it also shows what kind of person you are. And as we know – sometimes being the right fit for a company or organisation is most important.

These sites are much more than just their front pages though. We suggest you take a look at some of the links below to learn more, just click on the images to go straight to the sites.

For the original post, click here.