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Google Pixel 2 Film

Droga5 know how to do good advertising and this piece for the new Google Pixel 2 is no exception.

We love the way they use loads of quick cuts and what feel like real people asking questions about what the phone can do (which is specifically important to this phone as it has Google Assistant built into it: An AI assistant that you speak to). What this spot does very well also, is essentially it provides a really smart product demo; what with all the applications for the phone’s functionality that are covered by the people in the ad.

So good!


Google – Autodraw

This AI experiment from Google is mindblowing. Much like the project we shared a few months ago, this project uses machine learning to guess what you’re drawing and offer better examples of your doodles.

It has to be seen to be believed!

Check out the video below, then spend some time on the site – you won’t regret it!

Visit the site here.

Google – Performing Arts

We are absolutely blown away by this initiative from Google. Using their 360 degree camera technology (which we’re sure you’re aware of thanks to Google Maps and Streetview), they have set up never-before-seen points of view that allow people to witness dance, theatre and music from angles no normal people has yet seen.

Not only is each video viewable through 360 degrees, they have multiple viewpoints, allowing you to really get into the action and see what people are doing.

We’ve shown some examples from a performance of In The Hall Of The Mountain King (you may not recognise the name of the piece, but you’ll definitely recognise it once you hear it). We do strongly, strongly suggest though that you put on your headphones and visit the site here


It will change the way you see things forever!

Google+ & Manchester United – The Front Row Story

This campaign from Google+ and Manchester United is just amazing. It takes everything we love about technology and branding and throws it all together in one beautiful story.

In short, fans could watch a live Manchester United soccer match through Google+ hangouts, as if they were sitting in the front row at Old Trafford. But when you see how they took it one step further and broadcast fan reactions onto the digital billboards around the field, you can’t help but smile.

A brilliant idea, brilliantly executed. More of this please!