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McDonald’s – Outdoor Campaign

We feature work for McDonald’s fairly often on the blog because, well, it’s often just really good! Regardless of what country it comes from, there’s a freshness to McDonald’s advertising that we really enjoy. It’s definitely something that comes from being such a well recognised brand.

This campaign takes that idea even further, using nothing but iconic McDonald’s menu items and the McDonald’s typeface and colour scheme to make its point. There’s no branding anywhere, but if you’ve had any connection with McDonald’s you know exactly who these ads are for.

It’s definitely a bold move, but we feel like it really pays off! Well done Leo Burnett London.

Check out more of them below.

Burger King – Outdoor Campaign

This campaign by Buzzman Paris takes the usual fast food outdoor advertising and turns it on its head. We’re so used to seeing ‘wayfinding’ outdoor ads that point to where a fastfood outlet is, that these really break through the clutter – telling you there ISN’T a Burger King close by, but that’s not a problem because you can have it delivered.


Penguin Audiobooks – Outdoor Campaign

We love this by FCB Interface Mumbai. Trying to show a viewer an audiobook in a visual way is no mean feat, and this campaign does exactly that.

The way they used a timeline to show ‘where’ a character was in a story is just masterful. And, the use of recognisable stories like Sherlock Holmes, Peter Pan and The Jungle Book makes them very easy to understand. This is vitally important when you’re doing outdoor advertising of course, as people often only have a few seconds to understand the communication.

Check out more below!

Coca-Cola – Outdoor Campaign

It’s very special when a brand is so recognisable that you can use parts of its design in new ways, without having to tell the viewer exactly what it’s all about. That’s something that Publicis Milan did here with such great thinking. They wanted to connect Coca-Cola with recycling and to do so, they used the iconic ‘ribbon device’ we know from the brand as a pointer to where Coca-Cola branded recycling bins were.

Given that this campaign originated in Italy, we have one word to say: Bravissimo!

Samaritans – Outdoor Campaign

Samaritans is a UK charity with a singular focus: To reduce suicide rates as much as possible. They do this through a number of methodologies but one of their main ones is by providing a 24 hour phone line where anyone can phone and speak to a representative from Samaritans, free of charge.

To highlight this offer, Samaritans and Mother London created the following campaign that appeared on public transport in London. It uses the real handwriting of men who have been helped by Samaritans, sharing things they learnt after being involved with the charity.

Simple art direction and a great idea make this campaign so special.