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Carmen Frontera – Illustration

Carmen Frontera is a Spanish illustrator who creates not only fun, whimsical images but also turns them into gifs. Just a few frames end up adding so much life to her illustrations, taking something that is already fun and just turning it up to 11.

While it can be difficult to get your name out there right now with the entire world being flat, technology has allowed us as creative people to find so many new ways to enhance our work. Just ten years ago, an illustrator like Frontera would probably not have had the chance to animate her illustrations in this way. She would have had to go the more traditional route, which is static and harder to share with others. By creating gifs, like she has here, she’s taking her art and making it shareable. These now become pieces of content that others can share with each other. In this way, Frontera has give herself the opportunity to reach so many more people. It’s incredibly smart, and the illustrations themselves are great.

If you’re an illustrator, have YOU considered how you could add simple animations to turn your works into gifs?



Sholim – Animated Gifs

Milos Rajkovic, aka Sholim is a Serbian designer, illustrator and artist whose eye-catching gifs blur the lines between art, illustration and memes. With a focus on modern ills and their effects on society, Sholim’s work is at once socially cutting and incredibly immediate and of the now. Rather than static images on a gallery wall, these are vital pieces of moving art that can be shared at the speed of thought.

What an amazing way to get your work out there for the entire world to see. We’ve said before that we are keeping an eye on gifs as a form of branding and self-expression and to see the medium taken to this level really is incredible.

Check them out below!

Prada Candy – Animated Comics

We’ve been paying a lot of attention to gifs lately, as a new medium for advertising. We’ve seen some great work coming through, but what is very exciting is that gifs themselves are limited only by our imagination. Here, we can see amazing illustrations for Prada by Francois Berthaud that both tell a story and animate as well.

In a category like perfume, where it is so difficult to differentiate yourself (especially before someone has smelled the product) it is vital to do something different. If Prada continues in this vein, we can see some real great results for them!

After seeing something like this, who doesn’t want to ask for Prada Candy in store?

Jeffrey Lewis Bennett – Wedding GIFs

Wedding photography is something we all know, and it’s a discipline that allowed many photographers to get their start and build their careers. But what about wedding photography for the social media age? What new things can be done to bring these images to life?

These questions were answered by Jeffrey Lewis Bennett, a photographer from Detroit, who turns his photographs of people on their special day into infinitely looping GIFs. Such a great idea to add so much more to wedding photographs.

As photography as a discipline moves forward, we really are expecting to see more and more ways GIFs and other content-rich formats are used in photography – all to photography’s benefit. While the foundations of photography will always be there and always hold true (a great image is a great image) we feel that any way that photography can be more accessible and enjoyable by the mainstream is key.

For more of Jeffrey Lewis Bennett’s work, have a look at his website here.