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Tor Brandt – Illustration

Tor Brandt is a Danish illustrator with a unique, very minimal style that is informed by underground comics. What we love here is how he is able to create such evocative scenes with so little. With very simple colour palettes and a real economy of line, these illustrations say so much – the mark of a true talent!

Visit Brandt’s site here.


Prada Candy – Animated Comics

We’ve been paying a lot of attention to gifs lately, as a new medium for advertising. We’ve seen some great work coming through, but what is very exciting is that gifs themselves are limited only by our imagination. Here, we can see amazing illustrations for Prada by Francois Berthaud that both tell a story and animate as well.

In a category like perfume, where it is so difficult to differentiate yourself (especially before someone has smelled the product) it is vital to do something different. If Prada continues in this vein, we can see some real great results for them!

After seeing something like this, who doesn’t want to ask for Prada Candy in store?

Ulises Farinas – Process

There is nothing we value more at the Academy more than process. It’s the only way you can produce great work, by putting in the hard hours at the beginning – and when you pour so much of yourself into a project, you can see it in the result.

Ulises Farinas is an illustrator and comic book artist and we though we’d share some of his process with you, so you can understand why comic book artists get so little sleep!

For more of his work, check out his website here.