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Adamo – Packaging and Product Design

When we saw this project we just had to share it! Adamo is a Hungarian company that makes baby swings and hammocks for kids. They paired up with design studio Classmate Studio, who did the packaging for these products – creating an offering that is just incredible from start to finish.

The products themselves are beautifully designed and considered and the packaging is absolutely top notch. Who said design for babies and children couldn’t be innocent, fun and considered all at the same time?


Blues Design – Website

This website by Studio Details Inc is a great example of the incredible breadth of opportunities for design in the multimedia space. This site is for Blues Design, a product design company in Japan and we just love the entire thing. From the incredible menu navigation mechanic through to the actual site itself and the music and sounds they chose for it, this is really top notch.

Take a look at the site here.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 16.00.12


Volterman Smart Wallet – Design

A smart wallet is not the first thing you think of as a gentleman’s essential, but in the modern age it’s fast becoming something that can really improve your life. With a host of features like a powerbank (to charge your phone), GPS (so you always know where it is), a bluetooth sensor (so you won’t forget either it or your phone behind) and even a pinhole camera (that can show you who opened your wallet last if you lost it) – this wallet clearly has it all.

So how to present it then?

Enter Backbone Branding, who have created this great look and feel for the product, along with a nifty package. And if you were unsure of the power of a good idea and some great design to go along with it – this project met 100% of its funding goal in just one day on Indiegogo. That’s how powerful it can be!

You can have a look at the Volterman website here.


Guinness – Glass Designs

We all know the distinctive Guinness tulip glass. It is as much a brand property as the iconic harp logo we’ve seen in bars and Irish pubs the world over. But how do you allow for new interpretations of Guinness as a drink, while still retaining the original brand properties? This problem was facing Guinness Malaysia.

To solve it, they simple designed iconic cocktail glasses within the original Guinness glass. What an incredible piece of product design!

Check out the designs below, and a great explainer video too.


ystudio – Fountain Pen

It’s safe to say that we at the Stellenbosch Academy are stationery geeks. Whether it’s fun new gadgets, new types of paper or (of course) interesting pens – we’re in. So when we saw this fountain pen by ystudio, a Japanese design agency, we had to share it. Not only is the design of the product itself, perfectly minimalist and beautiful – it’s just such a cool pen to have!

This is going straight onto our Christmas list!

Yield French Press

Here’s one for the minimalist fans out there! This French Press by Yield, an American design company, uses just what it needs – in both the product and packaging design. We especially love how the minimal design aesthetic runs through the entire project – from the beautiful form of the French Press itself to the minimal, foiled pack.

With something this beautiful, it’s hard to tell whether you should keep the French Press on display or leave it in its packaging!

Cindy and James Searles – Ceramic Cephalopod

When we came across this airplant holders by Cindy and James Searles we had to share them. They are just so much fun and so whimsical.

We always say that the mark of really good design brings you that moment when you think: Ah! It’s so obvious! This is a perfect example of that. Spot on product design.