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Blitsem Witblits – Packaging

What a beautiful design! This package design for Blitsem Witblits by Fanakalo Studio is spot on. Between references to old money and print styles through to illustration that is just perfect – this design is top shelf. We’ve chosen that descriptor on purpose too – witblits has always been such an interesting spirit in South Africa – our own version of moonshine. This has made it something to be afraid of (perhaps rightly so!) but also something that was never really considered to be very premium or desirable. Somehow every household seems to have a bottle of witblits somewhere, but it’s always on the bottom shelf, out of sight and out of mind.

This design finally makes witblits something you could display along with your other premium liquor – well done!


Soviet Anti Alcohol Posters

When we came across these Soviet propaganda posters we knew we had to share them. There’s so much to be learnt from the way design is used when it comes to propaganda. While advertising and persuasive design is one thing, propaganda posters are by their very nature designed to be as persuasive and powerful as possible.

Sadly we know very little about these in terms of exactly where they come from or in what era they were shown, but it is so exciting to see how design and illustration styles are used in other countries. We talk a lot about design language and it is very exciting to see how other countries and cultures use design and illustration in a way that makes sense to them.

On top of it all, some of these are just really beautiful posters as art pieces too! So powerful.