Massimo Vitali – Photography

Italian photographer Massimo Vitali has a thing for beaches. He began his career as a photojournalist and since then has branched out into more of his own personal work. In this series, he photographed a number of Italian beaches and all the people there in wide tableaus that capture the essence of the places so well.

You can see more of Vitali’s work at his website here.

Kelsey Wroten – Illustration

This was love at first click! As soon as we saw these we had to share them! Kelsey Wroten is an illustrator originally from Kansas City, who now lives and works in New York.

We love her loose, energetic style and wild forms that she creates using coloured pencils. There is just so much going on in this work and it’s all so exciting!

Visit Wroten’s site here.

See more about Wroten here:

Acura NSX – Original Must Be Done

It’s so interesting to see how brands are able to bridge the space between the real world and online. Here, to celebrate a limited edition release of a new Acura NSX model, they created a personalised video for every single car that was produced. Just as every car has a number, every video has a number too. This means that as an owner of an original car, you are also able to watch a video that was created just for you. Such incredible attention to detail!

You can check out the videos (and drool over the car of course) over here.

Montblanc – The Magic of Craft

We love this site for Montblanc. Dedicated to ‘The Magic of Craft’ it tells the story of how Montblanc creates its incredible products. Whether leathercraft, timepieces or pens – there is a beautifully illustrated animated story for each that explains their process.

Using creative means to show brand values and product intrinsics like this is such a smart way to get people excited about a brand, even if they can’t actually hold the product in their hands at the time. So smart!

You can visit the site here, do spend some time checking it all out!

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 14.18.33

McDonald’s BagTray



There’s design to make things look beautiful, which is vitally important in this world, then there is design that helps serve a function. This work by DDB Budapest falls into the latter description – making for a McDonald’s bag that makes consuming the food you’ve just bought so much easier than you would imagine. and much like all the best ideas – it’s incredibly simple – you pull off the bottom of your McDonald’s bag with a tab and are left with a hard cardboard tray.

That simple, that easy – and fully recyclable.

Such smart thinking!

Harold Apples – Playing Cards

Design nerds – pay alert! It doesn’t get much better than this! This set of playing cards was designed by Harold Apples, an art director for Lonely Planet by day and a freelance illustrator by night.

With attention to detail like you’ve never seen before, these letterpress cards feature foiling, embossing and spot colours galore. Drawing inspiration from the symbology of older playing card decks, with a modern twist, these cards are a design object you’ve got to have in your life.

You can see more of Apples’ work here.

And if you want to buy yourself a set of these cars, they can be bought here for under ten dollars!

Try not to drool on your keyboard as you check out some highlights of the design below.

Elsa Bleda – Photography

Elsa Bleda was originally born in France but now makes Jo’burg her home. After a childhood of moving from country to country with her parents, a chance trip to South Africa when she was 18 somehow made her want to put down roots.

Inspired by Jo’burg and the emptiness of it at night, the juxtaposition between the harsh, bustling daytimes and the quiet, eerie nighttimes; Bleda’s work is at once architectural and stark but also quite touching and meaningful. The sprays of colour across these forlorn cityscapes offer a softness and warmth to these buildings that you may not notice in the day time.

What a great new way to look at one of our cities too. It really makes you reassess the way you think about a place, when you see it in such a different light (literally in this case!).

Please do follow Bleda here for more examples of her inspiring work!