NZ Transport Agency – Belted Survivors

This is a really smart one by Clemenger BBDO Wellington for the New Zealand Transport Agency. To show the importance of wearing your seatbelt, they found real people who had had their lives saved by seatbelts, told their stories and recreated their injuries using incredible makeup techniques.

Each person in this campaign has a video on the campaign site that speaks through their recovery and tells their story – highlighting just how important wearing your seatbelt can be.

You can visit the site here.


Mirage Festival – Website

What an incredible piece of multimedia design! This website for the Mirage Festival, an art, innovation and cultural festival in Lyon, is so special. With crazy animations, smart flourishes and a nod to traditional print design – this website has it all!

You can visit it here to see it in all its glory!

Giovanni Corabi & Roberto Ortu – Sardinia

Sardinia is an island off the coast of Italy with a unique and storied culture, but in the modern age things are changing. Teenagers and young people are questioning the usual ways of doing things as we move into the future.

This is something Giovanni Corabi and Roberto Ortu wanted to capture with their photography series, Sardinia, which takes a beautiful look at youth in Sardinia right now. On top of that, it also shows the old ways, contrasting the two divergent ways of thinking – directly showing us how the culture is splitting, or at least moving forward. This is photography as a representation of ‘teenagerhood’, with some incredible figurative touches, while also serving a documentary function at the same time.

If you ever find yourself questioning what photography can ‘do’ and how it can maintain relevance – you only need to look to work like this. It’s absolutely stunning!

You can visit Corabi’s personal site here.

And you can visit Ortu’s personal site here.

Champagne Nicko – Illustration

Champagne Nicko is a designer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia, with a groovy party-inspired style that we just had to share. Whether it’s people lounging in pools, drinking funky cocktails or playing the guitar; his style is evident across all his work.

In a time of increasing pressure on artists and creators to have an opinion on everything, it’s really quite refreshing to see someone just having fun and drawing cool stuff.

You can get onto Champagne Nicko’s wavelength and check out his website here. – Print Campaign

This is a smart one! Proximity Dusseldorf created this campaign for; an online marketplace for heavy machinery like trucks, tractors and other equipment. And to top it off, they found a really smart visual solve for this problem, which shows how useful can be – the search bar itself!

Whether it’s a dump truck, a truck or a tractor – you can see that has you covered. So smart!

Amber Vittoria – Illustration

Amber Vittoria is an artist and illustrator living and working in New York city. We love her take on the female form, which creates a very unique and ownable style that you can see is her work immediately.

While she is just at the beginning stages of her career, we can see that she is going to be absolutely incredible for years and years to come!

You can visit her website here.

Or if you’d like to follow her on instagram, you can check that out here.