Oil-Packed Ayu Packaging

It’s not every day that you think of canned fish packaging as an opportunity for great design. And yet, in Japan, this work by Masahiro Minami does exactly that. This design work for canned fish is nothing short of extraordinary. On top of that it really brings to life what we feel about good design: That it can make almost any product more engaging to someone.

The littlest details on this packaging make such a difference, such as the printed decal in the cardboard window, which allows the consumer to ‘see’ the fish inside, or the fish-shaped cut out on the bottom of the packaging, which reveals the expiration date.

So smart, so well thought out and honestly – so desirable!


Stellenbosch Student wins at the Cape Town International Animation Festival

Over the weekend, Lene van Heerden was awarded the best production as an individual in the tradigital category for the student awards at the Cape Town International Animation Festival!

To both Lene and her lecturer Daniela de Lange – well done! We are so proud.

You can see some more pictures of the event below, as well as the winning film itself.


Lacoste x Save Our Species

We love seeing big brands do good and this campaign by Lacoste in collaboration with Save Our Species is just spot on.

In order to raise both awareness and funds for Save Our Species, Lacoste did the unthinkable – they removed their crocodile from their iconic golf shirts and replaced it with 10 threatened species from around the world.

And the really smart part? Each run of shirts with that specific animal on it, is the exact same amount of those animals left alive in the wild.

Check out the video below!


Blues Design – Website

This website by Studio Details Inc is a great example of the incredible breadth of opportunities for design in the multimedia space. This site is for Blues Design, a product design company in Japan and we just love the entire thing. From the incredible menu navigation mechanic through to the actual site itself and the music and sounds they chose for it, this is really top notch.

Take a look at the site here.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 16.00.12



Stellenbosch Academy Student Named as a Finalist in the Sony World Photography Awards

We are proud to announce that Morgan Mulholland has been shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Organisation Awards Student focus. From all the global entries for this category, Morgan is one of only 10 Finalists and the only African finalist – we couldn’t be happier!

This is now the fifth year in a row that our Photography students have been shortlisted for the awards – testament to the hard work of our students and our lecturers alike!

To learn more about the Sony World Photography Awards click here.

And to see more of Morgan’s incredible work check out his website here.

Fierce Whiskers Distillery – Design

Fierce Whiskers is a new entrant to the whiskey market from Austin, Texas. To get their brand off the ground, they turned to The Butler Bros, an agency that specialises in naming, narrative and visual design. The good news: The Butler Bros did an incredible job. Through smart, insightful design they were able to create a brand that is at once premium, authentic and trustworthy. It has all of the design cues one might want from a whiskey, giving it a sense of heritage, but it also stays entirely on trend with current liquor design.

See more below!



3rd Year Publication Brief

There’s nothing we love more than sharing the incredible work our students produce and this is one of those times when we get to do so.

The following images and designs were produced by our 3rd year Graphic Design students for their first brief of 2018. You can read more about the project directly from the lecturers below:

The first brief for the 3rd year Graphic Design students looked at Impact design, which is based on the impact that values and behaviours of human kind would have and has had on environments, society itself and economies. The students had to write their own stories deduced from a current issue but interpreted into fiction. This project therefore required that the students create a set of books, which was written, illustrated, hand bound and packaged by them reflecting life on planet Earth in the year 2018. The full exhibition can be viewed during OPEN DAY on the 3rd of March 2018.

If you’re interested in seeing this work at our open day, check out this post here for details.