Jeans for Refugees – Website

This initiative by artist Johny Dar takes old jeans owned by famous people, then reimagines them and sells them off to donate money to good causes. We love it!

It helps also that the website is really fun to use and look at. We especially enjoy how the pieces of fabric and thread come together in the type – very nice!

You can visit the site here.

Parsons Branding – Website

Parsons Branding is a Cape Town based branding and design agency with some really lovely work. Today we’re sharing not just their website (which is amazing) but also their work too. We love the way the scrolling works on the website, which you’ll need to visit to see of course, but we also love their work. We included some examples of their identity and packaging work for a beer brand in the UK called Wolfpack which you can see below.

You can visit their website here to see more of their amazing work. And look out for that scroll effect!

Rapscallion Soda – Packaging

Rapscallion Soda is a Scottish soda company with a hands-on, craft approach. To launch their product in the market, they turned to Freytag Anderson for their design, which we think is out of this world.

This modern, minimalist take on packaging (especially for the soda category) is such a breath of fresh air. How could this not create a huge impact the very second you see it on shelf, or in someone’s hand?


Stellenbosch Academy student featured on Lürzer’s Archive

Wow! We are so unbelievably proud!

We’ve just received news that Jamie Slabber, an art direction student who graduated in 2019, has been featured in Lürzer’s Archive 2020. What an incredible achievement.

We’ve included his featured work here for CALM, which aims to help men deal with mental health issues – a very worthy cause.

Added to this, the Academy also received an official ranking from Lürzer’s, which you can view here. It is always special to be recognised on the international stage and we must thank all of our staff and students for their hard work – it really does pay off!

You can view Jamie’s work on the Lürzer’s site here.

Well done to all involved!

Srisangdao – Packaging

This packaging by Prompt Design for Srisang Dao rice is so clever. It’s made from recycled rice chaff, produced during the rice production process. It was made to bring a sense of specialness to this rice, which is considered some of Thailand’s finest. We love also, how they’ve numbered each bag, indicating to the user that what they have is high quality. And finally, to top it all off, the packaging can be reused as a tissue box.

This is the perfect example of beautiful design and sustainability coming together without compromising on either. More like this please!

Lukas Furlan – Photography

Lukas Furlan is a photographer and software engineer based in Vienna, Austria.

We’re sharing work from his series, Alp Impressions, today. We love the blend of beautiful landscape photography and photoshop work to really make these images special.

You can see more of Furlan’s work on his Behance page here.

Or on his Instagram page here.