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KFC – Hot and Spicy

Such smart work from Ogilvy Hong Kong! To advertise KFC’s ‘hot and spicy’ range, they used the iconic image of KFC chicken as a stand in for explosions, smoke and other images we understand as ‘hot’.

So smart and so good!


KFC – Big Chicken. Small Movie.

What a great example of illustration and animation! We love this piece!

Other than feasting your eyes on the craft involved in a piece like this, we must ask you to note that this entire story is told with little to no dialogue – no mean feat! We love it!

To learn more about the agency that made this, Wieden+Kennedy, take a look at their site here.

KFC Suppertime Stories

This one’s a goody!

KFC, along with Ogilvy Jo’burg, created limited edition laser cut buckets that can be transformed into story-telling devices. Through nifty use of a smart phone, these buckets help bring family time and storytelling back to the fore in a time when we really need them.

To see how they did it, watch the video below.

KFC Australia – Zinger Fish Fillet

Great art direction and photo retouching don’t get much better than these examples for KFC Australia by Ogilvy Sydney.

How do you show a spicy fish fillet in a print ad that’s not too boring, forgettable or just uninspired? This is clearly the question that the creative team at Ogilvy asked themselves when this brief landed on their desks. We know the first thing most brands would turn to: Trying to take a photo of the product itself to try and make it seem enticing (you’ve probably seen a number of attempts at this at cheap fast food restaurants… Invariably they’re not too appetising at all.)

So, why not find animals that normally eat fish, and using some deft retouching and art direction skills show just how hot the fish fillet is? By doing this, the creative team has managed to make a print campaign that introduces a new product in a fun, engaging and honestly pretty funny way – it’s hard not to have a smile when you look at these animals, tears streaming from their eyes at the spiciness of the product. The idea is great and the retouching of the images is absolutely top notch!

Great stuff!



Loeries Grand Prix 2015 – KFC Soundbite

What an amazing idea! We love seeing multimedia being used in innovative ways like this for brands. This, from Ogilvy Johannesburg, for KFC South Africa is just incredible – and a worthy winner of a Grand Prix at this year’s Loerie awards.

The idea: You can play music through your table and you listen… through your arms!

Let us not dilly dally any longer – take a look at the video below and prepare to have your mind blown.