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Baskin Robbins South Korea – Design

When you get to design for ice cream, more often than not you get to really have fun and that’s exactly what design duo Craig & Karl did here for Baskin Robbins South Korea. Using their iconic look and feel, they added a huge amount of fun, personality and excitement to the brand.

We especially love the modular packaging, idea where you can create your own characters with ‘heads’ and ‘bodies’. You can see how ice cream cones themselves were the inspiration for this – so incredibly smart!


Dove – Print Campaign

What a smart way to tell the story of how your product is made! This campaign by Ogilvy Athens for Dove is spot on. Using some really smart illustration, this campaign uses the shape of the products to tell the viewer how they are made and where the inspiration for the products comes from.

Miwon Yoon – Illustration

South Korean illustrator Miwon Yoon has an eye for detail and a real talent for capturing still-life illustrations of food. After studying fine arts, where she specialised in video making and animation, she turned her attention to illustration. And we must say – she clearly has enormous amounts of talent no matter how she expresses her creativity.

Have a look at her illustrations below.

Volkswagen – Print Campaign

We love this new campaign for DDB Montreal for Volkswagen’s new Jetta. The objective of the work is to promote a feature in the car – the option to choose from 10 interior ambient lighting colours.

Using an incredibly fun illustration style with (of course) great attention to colour, these print executions show how ‘colour can change everything’, with a number of scenarios where someone dressed in the wrong colour is going to cause some imminent drama.

Have a look at all of them below!

Pueblo Vida – Can Designs

It’s no secret that we enjoy craft beer packaging projects! We often feature them because they allow designers the latitude and freedom to really push the boundaries and make something more out there and interesting. This ongoing project by Saywells Design for the Pueblo Vida Brewing Company is such a great example of how this can go right.

Because these cans are sold only from the taproom itself and not in any bottle store, the need for traditional branding as we know it is quite relaxed. Instead of needing a recognisable logo front and centre on the cans, for brand recognition, the designers are able to move it to the back and let their imagination run free – creating a brand identity that is recognisable entirely by its ‘unrecognisability’.

What an incredible project to be involved in, and what incredible output!

Check out some of the cans from this project below.

Intel: Print Campaign

What a great idea by TBWA\Chiat\Day USA! To highlight Intel’s AI chips they made these incredibly detailed print executions that show the power of AI, just through their detail.

Each ad points out a situation in which an AI chip would have already found the ‘problem’ inside each scenario. And before you ask, they do actually show them in the ads – some of them are harder to find than others, so good luck!

Lirandzo Condoms: Print Campaign

It’s always interesting to see how advertising and communication is done in other African countries. Which is exactly why we’re featuring this work by DDB Mozambique. This print campaign is for a local condom brand called Lirandzo and it provides an interesting take on tactical advertising around Halloween. 

With the line: Children can be scary, we can see how the lateral idea was to relate it to horror movie tropes we tend to see with kids; whether it be creepy twins or faceless ghouls. We quite like this more lighthearted take on condom advertising – there is no need to be overtly serious all the time, especially given that it’s almost 2019!

Added to all of this is a great attention to detail in terms of art direction and illustration. Top notch stuff!