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YouTube Rewind 2017 Website

Wow! What a great piece of multimedia design by Hook. This website, which was designed for YouTube Rewind 2017 (A kind of highlight video of all of YouTube’s best content for the year) has a great navigation design, which explains all of the memes, content and ridiculousness that made the year what it was.

You can check it out here.

Full marks if you get all the references!


First Year Student Film Project

One of our 1st year photography students created this video on his YouTube channel about the water crisis and drought in the Western Cape. Great research for his 1st photography project!

Nice one Jamie!

Don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

Skip South Africa – Interactive Lookbook

We love seeing South African brands pushing the envelope digitally and this piece of work from Skip South Africa is a great example. Using an interactive YouTube video, users can watch a choreographed dance and seamlessly change the outfits of the ladies dancing to learn more about how to look after certain types of clothing – from colours to white to stripes to wool.

So much fun to play with – and informative too!

To truly get an idea of the work, check out this link here.