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Loeries Grand Prix 2015 – KFC Soundbite

What an amazing idea! We love seeing multimedia being used in innovative ways like this for brands. This, from Ogilvy Johannesburg, for KFC South Africa is just incredible – and a worthy winner of a Grand Prix at this year’s Loerie awards.

The idea: You can play music through your table and you listen… through your arms!

Let us not dilly dally any longer – take a look at the video below and prepare to have your mind blown.


Workprint Films

Stock libraries are a necessary evil in the world of communication. They are the perfect way to get reasonably priced images and video, but sometimes they leave a lot to be desired. We’ve all seen those cheesy shots of businessmen in offices, celebrating behind computers and the people walking on beaches. But what if these images can mean more?

We love this initiative by Catch and Release and The License Lab, which takes stock footage from a number of different sources and stitches it together to form a visual narrative.

What a great way to take something that is designed to be as blank a canvas as possible and turn it into something meaningful.

We’ve shared one of their films below, but you can check out even more on their site.

The Outings Project

Julien de Casabianca is a French visual artist who has started an art movement called the Outings Project. Inspired by noticing a beautiful painting that was stuck in the corner of a museum, unloved and unnoticed, de Casabianca had a brainwave – why not take these paintings to the public at large. And thus, the Outings Project was born.

Initially, it was just de Casabianca – photographing paintings, printing them and pasting them up in public spaces, but soon people across the world caught onto the idea and started doing the same thing. At first, de Casabianca didn’t expect this to happen but the project has evolved into a movement where anyone is encouraged to photograph art in a gallery or museum with their cellphone, print it out and paste it up to share with the public.

What a brilliant idea! We would love to see some of the beautiful paintings in the Iziko National Gallery pasted up around Cape Town!

To see more of the project, we do suggest you check out their instagram account here.

Lunchtime Lecture – Garth Walker

We are so pleased to announce that Garth Walker will be holding a talk at the Academy next week Thursday (23 April). He is the originator of the internationally acclaimed design and illustration magazine, i-jusi and he is as inspiring as he is entertaining.

If you’re available next week Thursday between 13:00 and 14:00 we strongly suggest you come pay us a visit – you won’t be disappointed!

To see more of Garth’s amazing work and learn more about i-jusi, check out his website over here.


Red Cross Charity Arcade

We love this work from Swedish agency akestam.holst for the Red Cross in Sweden. The idea (like all great ideas) is so simple yet so clever. Instead of collecting money for the arcade machine owners, these arcade machines collect money for the Red Cross in Sweden.

What a brilliant way to make use of your time (and your foreign coins) when you’re waiting in an airport – and it’s all for a good cause. Our hats go off to them!

Coke 100th Anniversary Campaign

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Coke is pulling out all the stops. It begins with 15 ads that will be flighted globally, with big name directors and actors getting involved.

Here, an ad directed by David LaChapelle:

We love this animated one too:

What we’re very excited about though, is what’s being called Mashup Coke, where designers have been tasked to interpret the Coke brand in their own way, with one proviso: They are only allowed to use the official Coke Red, Black and White. Nothing else. You can check out the instagram account for the campaign here. But do also have a look at the artworks here at this slide show.

And below, check out the Contour 100 Mashup Art Film.

The Dutch Design Thinking Approach Pt 1

We recently hosted an amazing talk about Dutch Design Thinking at the Academy which left us all inspired and ready to go out there and change the world. We cannot stress enough how rewarding this was for us and our students and for those of you who attended we do thank you! Stay tuned to see when we do another!

We had Gert Ovink (special advisor to the Obama administration), Kurt Ward (Philips Design), Frank Houben (KLM), Gertjan Meeuws (Plenty50) and Helen Kranstauber (Agri Meets Design) moderated by Alayne Reesberg (CEO of World Design Capital 2014). It was absolutely fascinating to look at how the Dutch approach design compared to us. We come from such different countries that design has can often have an entirely different role to play. The real trick is seeing what we can learn from each other and cross-pollinate to create design that gives us the best of both!

We’ve shared some photos here of the event itself, but stay tuned because we’ve got videos coming up on the blog really soon!