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Calling all creatives! Have your work exhibited at the Academy!

We’ve just developed a new collaborative exhibition¬†format that we know you’ll love! It’s all about working SMALL. It’s open to any and all comers – the only stipulation – your work must be smaller than A5 size.

Your deadline for submissions is 24 May and the exhibition itself will run from 31 May until 7 June. For full details of the exhibition, please click here.

For any other questions, please mail Cashandra.

Don’t hesitate! Get creating!


Animade is an animation and interactive design studio in London and when we came across their project ‘frankenSim’, we had to share it here.

Taking the form of what looks like an old Apple Mac desktop, users can add a whole lot of creepy body parts, almost as if they were application windows, then manipulate and interact with them.

It might sound weird, but it’s so much fun to play with!

Check it out here.