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Burger King – Art Basel Ad

If you’ve been following the art world’s latest furore, you’ll know all about Maurizio Cattelan’s infamous banana, which he sold at Art Basel for $120 000. Without passing judgement on whether that is worthy or not… we had to share this work by Buzzman Paris Burger King. We just love the way it pokes fun at the work and reminds us all that Burger King fries are a whole lot cheaper than $120 000 bananas!

You can read up more on Maurizio Cattelan here.

Burger King – Outdoor Campaign

This campaign by Buzzman Paris takes the usual fast food outdoor advertising and turns it on its head. We’re so used to seeing ‘wayfinding’ outdoor ads that point to where a fastfood outlet is, that these really break through the clutter – telling you there ISN’T a Burger King close by, but that’s not a problem because you can have it delivered.


Burger King – Print Campaign

Here’s a bit of a self-referential one from Buzzman Paris for Burger King. To show how they were making sure their new meal deal was as cheap as possible, they created ads that looked half done, with bad layouts and copy editing mistakes.

So smart! And such a great thing to do when you have an audience who can understand messages like this. We love it!