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McDonald’s – Family Proof Print Campaign

McDonald’s has done a great job over the years of being kid-friendly. From designated play places to happy meals and just ultimate convenience – McDonald’s does families with kids well. TBWA Paris brought this to life in this touching print campaign that captures both the joy and the chaos of family life. McDonald’s really is family proof.

We love it!

McDonald’s – French Wayfinding Campaign

Here’s our second post about McDonald’s this week! This features work from TBWA Paris, which very cleverly uses the design language of McDonald’s fries as a wayfinding device.

This is what gets incredibly interesting about a brand as well-known as McDonald’s – as a creative you can start to really push what you can do, because the brand is already entirely entrenched in society. The job is less about telling people about what McDonald’s is and more just reminding them that they’re around.