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We Won Six Loeries!

What an amazing weekend for the Academy! It’s always special to be rewarded for the hard work you do throughout the year and having it recognised on such a big stage is always so gratifying.

To all of our students who entered: Well done!

To all of those who were finalists: Well done!

And to our winners: Well done again!

Emma Haines, Katherine Joubert, Traver Prinsloo, Kim Turton, Jana Pellissier and Jessica James – we are so proud of you!

To see their work, check out our previous blog post highlighting all our finalists here.


Alena Gelen Wins an Adobe Design Achievement Award!

CONGRATULATIONS to Alena Gelen who has won the Adobe Design Achievement Award in the Fine Art Photography Category for her image ‘Afro Indy Dandy’

This is one of the most prestigious awards a photographer can win and we are so proud of her achievement!

Alena is also the only winner from South Africa!

Afro Indi Dandy is a creative collaboration with fashion designer Hunter Blue telling the story about romantic love and gentle masculinity. Genderfluid beings that express themselves as wearable art, allowing their emotions to flow like music through their dress. It draws inspiration from poetry, flowers, and the joining of countries via textiles, African and Indian fabrics.
Afro Indy Dandy:

“When I saw you, I fell in love, And you smiled Because you knew”

– William Shakespeare

16 Loerie Finalists for 2018

We’ve just heard the incredible news that we’ve received 16 finalists for this year’s Loerie Awards. We’ve got all the work to share with you below and as soon as the awards are handed out we’ll let you know how we did.

Wish us luck!

Out of Home:

Kim Turton – Now You See Me

Kim Roos Now You See Me OOH

Kim Turton – Now You See Me

Kim Roos OOH Now You See Me

Monet Lacock – The Longer You Leave It

Monet La Cock OOH The Longer You Leave It


Logos and Identity Programmes:

Alexandra Hanson – The Golden Triplicity

Alexandra Hanson Logos and Identity Programmes - The Golden Triplicity

Jana Pellissier – The Serial Perfectionist

Jana Pellissier - Logos and Identity Programmes - The Serial Perfectionist


Package Design:

Emma Haines – Learning With Ouma

Emma Haines - Learning With Ouma - Packaging


Print and Design Crafts – Photography

Jessica James – Be Bold

Jessica James - Be Bold - Print and Design Crafts Photography


Collateral Design:

Emma Haines – Pimp My Kitchen – Eat Kayamandi

Emma Haines - Pimp My Kitchen - Collateral Design


Indoor Posters:

Traver Prinsloo – Rethink Mental Health

Traver Prinsloo - Indoor Posters - Rethink Mental Health

Traver Prinsloo – Rethink Mental Health



Newspaper and Magazine Advertising:

Chante Olivier – Mac Nudes

Chante Olivier - Mac Nudes - Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

Katherine Joubert – Spotlight

Katherine Joubert - Spotlight - Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

Katherine Joubert – Spotlight

Kimberley Joubert - Spotlight - Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

Monique Bonthuys – Beer Pressure

Monique Bonthuys - Beer Pressure - Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

Monique Bonthuys – Beer Pressure

Monique Bonthuys - Beer Pressure - Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

Traver Prinsloo – If You’re New To Coffee

Traver Prinsloo - If you're new to coffee - Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

SPAN Corporate Identity

Recently, the Stellenbosch Outdoor Sculpture Trust changed their name and thus were looking for a new corporate identity. They approached our Graphic Design department at the Academy for help with rebranding. With a new name: The Stellenbosch Public Art Network (SPAN), our Graphic Design 3rd year students were given the task of defining their new corporate ID.

In the end, Lauren Riley’s work was chosen. Her work can be applied well to all of the different outputs and platforms in which which SPAN operates. This rollout did not just include the logo though, students also had to design a new front end for the website as well as an app which could be used by SPAN to guide the public through their exhibitions. The final part of the task was to design a wayfinding system for SPAN’s public art exhibitions, making the design not only decorative but highly functional too.

Well done Lauren – we are so proud of your work!

Check out more below.



Charles Russell speaking at the Academy.

We recently had Academy graduate Charles Russell, a commercial photographer who focuses on lifestyle, food and wine photography speak to our students.

He chatted to those enrolled in the Higher Certificate in Photography and the BA Degree in Photography second and third years, with a focus on the skills and equipment needed to photograph ‘splash’ set ups. This is all about multiple exposures and combining them together to create one composite image.

You can visit Charles’ site here.

Second and Third Year Photography Students on a Field Trip

Our second and third year students doing our BA in Photography recently took a field trip all the way from Stellenbosch to Cape Town city centre. They began by visiting Photohire Print Lab, where they were shown various types of Fine Art printing by the resident master printer. Following this, they visited Photo Centre, where they were given an incredibly interesting talk on exhibition spaces and just what goes into planning and exhibiting a body of work in the best possible way.

To round off the experience, our student did a walkabout at the Iziko Slave Lodge Museum with our very own Visual Studies lecturer, Irene Grobbelaar-Lenoble, who gave us a talk on her own exhibition, which is currently running at the museum.

Check out more pics from the day below!

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalists

What amazing news! We’ve just heard that we’ve received 21 semifinalists for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

You can check out all of their work on the Adobe website here.

The full list of our students who have been recognised is below.

Art Direction
Mignon Venter x 1 Semi-Finalist
Zanri Du Plooy x 2 Semi-Finalists
Monet La Cock x 1 Semi-Finalist
Traver Prinsloo x 1 Semi-Finalist
Keagan Clack x 1 Semi-Finalist
Monique Bonthuys x 1 Semi-Finalist

Alena Gelen x 1 Semi-Finalists
Carla Smit x 5 Semi-Finalists
Duncan Knowers x 1 Semi-Finalist

Joel Staak x 1 Semi Finalist
Coerine Hatingh x 1 Semi Finalist
Andrea Swart: x 1 Semi Finalist
Jereon Slee x 2 Semi Finalists

Graphic Design
Kelsey Cloete x 2 Finalists