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Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalists

What amazing news! We’ve just heard that we’ve received 21 semifinalists for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

You can check out all of their work on the Adobe website here.

The full list of our students who have been recognised is below.

Art Direction
Mignon Venter x 1 Semi-Finalist
Zanri Du Plooy x 2 Semi-Finalists
Monet La Cock x 1 Semi-Finalist
Traver Prinsloo x 1 Semi-Finalist
Keagan Clack x 1 Semi-Finalist
Monique Bonthuys x 1 Semi-Finalist

Alena Gelen x 1 Semi-Finalists
Carla Smit x 5 Semi-Finalists
Duncan Knowers x 1 Semi-Finalist

Joel Staak x 1 Semi Finalist
Coerine Hatingh x 1 Semi Finalist
Andrea Swart: x 1 Semi Finalist
Jereon Slee x 2 Semi Finalists

Graphic Design
Kelsey Cloete x 2 Finalists


Open Day 18 August 2018

It’s time for our next Open Day!

We’ll be showing people around our campus and telling them all about what they could learn at the Academy on Saturday 18 August.

There will be talks at 10:30 and 12:00 where we’ll go into even more detail. We’d love to see you there!

If you’re interested in attending, please send a mail to Louise.

Zimbabwe Creative Exchange – Dzimbanhete

Some more updates from our Honours 2018 trip to Harare! This text directly from our team out there:

Dzimbanhete Art Interactions Trust was our last stop on our first day in Harare and here art and creativity are grounded in culture. Our visit was richly rewarded with ideas, knowledge and practice that ranged from African architecture to a visit to a sacred cave where rainmaking ceremonies still take place; the rock paintings were a bonus. Boundaries between art, culture, community and people are very blurry here, there is a spiritual frequency to practice and process. We did not feel like strangers. We left enriched.

You can learn more about Dzimbanhete here.




Just Design – Presenting at the Academy

We recently had Just Design present to our second and third year Graphic Design students. They are a multi-disciplinary design agency with a focus on branding, packaging and innovation. They shared some of their work with us, showing the incredibly high benchmark they have set for good packaging practice and the icing on the cake for us was having two Academy alumni, Jolize Jacobs and Maderi Hoffman, presenting the work!

You can visit Just Design’s website here.

And you can visit their Behance profile here.