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A Junod Absinthe – Packaging

Wow! Wow! Wow!

This package design for A Junod Absinthe is something amazing! You can see this design is inspired by not only the ingredients that go into absinthe, but also the crazy visions and stories that are associated with the drink.

With design by Randy Mora and lettering by Le Monsta, this is really some of the best packaging you’ll see this week, or even this month!

See more below.


Don Julio – Dia de los Muertos Packaging

It’s always fun to feature work from South Africa and this work for Don Julio tequila by Bittersuite is awesome! They created a limited edition pack for Don Julio inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead festival or Dia de los Muertos.

How could you not want a bottle of this?

Thinking Tree – Packaging Design

What a great design by Hired Guns Creative for Thinking Tree Spirits! This brand is inspired by a folktale where a tree is given the ability to think, and we can see a number of callbacks to this story in the design – from the leaves to the birds, worms and butterflies. We also see a lot of influence from baroque mirrors and other ornate almost art nouveau stylings, which we must admit we always love.

Something tells us that this is the kind of bottle you could spend hours staring at while you sit at a table, slowly imbibing its contents!

Have a look at the details below!

Le National – Grönstedts Cognac

This is how you do design for premium spirits! NINE, a design agency from Sweden was tasked to redesign Gronstedts Cognac, a limited edition spirit that is made in limited quantities once a year. They added some beautiful design and incredible thinking to the brand. Each bottle is numbered and comes with a specially minted coin (also numbered, of course) that commemorates your purchase.

The detail we love the most on this design though, is the string that you can see around the box. The user is required to tear the label when they remove the string, thus creating a ritual every time they open a box. Such a great idea!

See more of the package below.