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Stefan Draschan – Photography

Stefan Draschan is a German photographer with a great eye and most of all – some incredible patience! This set of photos, People Matching Artworks, is an entirely unstaged project where Draschan waits for people to appear in front of art wearing matching clothing. No funny business. No posing!

Check out more below and do yourself a favour and visit Draschan’s site here.


The Goldfinch – Multimedia

The rise of multimedia as a form of communication has seen so many new ways of bringing fairly ‘static’ things to life. Here, we see a website dedicated to The Goldfinch, a painting by Fabritius, that was created in the mid 1600s. This painting has been particularly interesting to Western culture as a whole, as many of Fabritius’ works were destroyed in a catastrophic fire – making this one of the few remaining pieces of his oeuvre. This obsession with the painting even inspired an entire book, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

So, as a museum with such a famous painting, how do you promote it? This is where the Mauritshuis got smart. Realising that the painting itself is one of their best advertisements, they enlisted This Page Amsterdam (a digital agency) to create a site dedicated to the painting. Here you can learn all about Fabritius and the painting which acts not only as a great information resource, but also an incredible advert for the museum and the painting itself. After learning so much, how could you not want to see it in person?

You can visit the Goldfinch here.

Pakayla Biehn – Double Exposure Paintings

We’ve seen a big trend towards double exposure photography lately across a number of media. We even featured a great example on this very blog not that long ago. (You can find that here.) And it’s even appeared in title sequences lately (anyone remember True Detective?)

However what we haven’t seen up until now is paintings of double exposure photography. We love these works by Pakayla Biehn. They bring new life and more of a human touch to something that can at times be a little sterile.

For more of Biehn’s work, have a look over here.

Painting an entire favela in Rio de Janeiro

We love colour, we know what it can do for people’s lives. And we love it when people have big scary ideas that can make a real difference.

The art team Haas&Hahn, working out of Holland have put together a Kickstarter to raise funds to plaster and paint an entire favela in Rio de Janeiro. (Favelas are large sprawling slums, similar to South African squatter camps).

It’s a beautiful idea and one we would love to see in South Africa.

The Kickstarter is now closed, but you can check it out here.

For more on Haas&Hahn, check out the video below.