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Bandido Coffee Packaging

We can’t get enough of the cleverness and simplicity that went into this packaging for Bandido Coffee by Magpie Studio. From the use of the B as the mask a Bandit would wear through to really smart ideas about loyalty cards and even business cards – this ID is spot on!

Check out more of it below.


Tor Brandt – Illustration

Tor Brandt is a Danish illustrator with a unique, very minimal style that is informed by underground comics. What we love here is how he is able to create such evocative scenes with so little. With very simple colour palettes and a real economy of line, these illustrations say so much – the mark of a true talent!

Visit Brandt’s site here.

Lac Blanc Zurich – Package Design

This work for Lac Blanc Zurich, a high-end detergent brand is just too good. Mouse Graphics, a Greek design studio, did the corporate identity and we are absolutely in love with the minimalistic lines and clean, white forms.

In a world where so many products and their associated packaging is over-designed, it is such a breath of fresh air to be presented with something that is so understated and classy.

Brave, memorable work!