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How professional designers do their work

Here at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, we’re a little bit obsessed with logos. Not ‘crazy guy standing outside at your window’ obsessed, but pretty close… So where the average person sees a simple icon or logotype that they associate with a brand, we spend ages picking them apart and understanding them. Most importantly – we understand just how much work goes into a logo to make it what it is. We always say: It takes a lot of work to make something look like it was easy – and logos are a great example of this. The final design that you see on a shelf or on TV is one of many, many iterations and hours and hours of work. Here, we are sharing a video from Aaron Draplin (of Draplin Design Co.) where he explains his process and gives a few pointers when it comes to logo design. This video was originally posted on Lynda.com – an amazing resource for how-to videos and tutorials – don’t forget to check them out!


Designmantic – The 10 Commandments of Logo Design

We’re a little skeptical of sites like Designmantic, which take a bit of the magic out of design (and all of the humanity). Using what is essentially ClipArt (yes, that kind of ClipArt), they allow people to create logos for their companies, brands or organisations all for as little as $29. For a school that prides itself on quality of work and attention to detail this dumbing down of design is a little scary. 

Good design is always so hard to describe to someone other than, ‘you’ll know it when you see it…’ which, let’s be honest, is perhaps not the most convincing of arguments, but a truly well-crafted logo is something that can live with a brand for years to come, rather than a flat piece of ClipArt that has been slightly updated since the days of Quark and Corel Draw (apologies if we’re showing our age a bit here). 

When you think of the true megabrands, their logos shine through. They’ve reached that point where they’re just right. We’re not saying that a site like Designmantic can at least help a small business build their design creds, but we feel that in the hands of a designer a small business could end up saving much more money down the line when their corporate identity starts to look dated and anachronistic. 

But enough preaching, we’re here to share a rather useful piece from Designmantic, they’ve titled: The 10 Commandments of Logo Design. We must remind you of course, that a true designer knows when to break the rules for the sake of the project and skills like that can only be taught.

Check out Designmantic here and let us know what you think!

(Click view full size on the image below to check it out properly)

Si MacLennan – Logos

In Cape Town, design is taken seriously. We know good design when we see it, and we’ve come to expect it from brands and businesses. So it’s no surprise that some of the best design in South Africa comes out of Cape Town. As we all know, designers like to draw inspiration from wherever they can, and Cape Town has a wealth of natural beauty, artsy locations and a thriving design industry – perfect for people like Si MacLennan to create some of the amazing things they create.

Si MacLennan is an experienced illustrator and designer who (like all good designers) looks after the details. And if you had to talk to good designers about broad brushstrokes, the first thing they would ask you is: What point size?

Great then, for us, to share with you some of the logos Si has created over the years. They range from tight and geometric to loose and whimsical and throughout all of them, you can really see the attention to detail and passion for typography. That’s right – designers like it kerned. And they like it kerned tight!

Check out his website for more design goodness here.

And don’t forget to check out Si’s Behance profile here.