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Sonnet – Balloon

We’re so used to insurance ads that try and sell us on fear. That’s why you get insurance, right? To deal with the bad times?

But what if an insurance company turned that all around and looked at it from the other side? What if insurance could be all about things going right instead of going wrong? This super fun TV spot from Johannes Leonardo asks that very question. Check it out below!


adidas Originals – Original is never finished

What a powerful piece for adidas Originals by Johannes Leonardo! From an all-star cast featuring Snoop Dogg through to some really hard hitting wardrobe and art direction choices, this is a bold new direction for the adidas’s more lifestyle-focused sub brand. And this has paid off – the ad has been watched over 7 million times in less than 10 days.

What makes it even more exciting? A number of South Africans worked on this ad, including Matt Edwards as Creative Director and Terence Neale as the director of the film itself.  There’s not much better than seeing South African creatives doing such incredible work!

Check it out below!